Why You Should Be Like a Dandelion

Photo taken by Chrissy Vagenius.  You can see more of her amazing work at www.heartboxstudio.com

Photo taken by Chrissy Vagenius.  You can see more of her amazing work at www.heartboxstudio.com

I have been thinking a lot about dandelions this spring...

Despite all of the judgments heaped on them, dandelions keep doing what they do; being exactly what they are. Unaffected and true to their beings.

No matter what, a dandelion KNOWS:

"I am beautiful.  I am abundant.  I am resilient.  I am a healer.  I reproduce with ease.  I make children smile."

What if you could function from that place?  What if you didn't have to worry about what other people thought of you?

What do you KNOW about yourself?

What if you could create the life YOU want?  Would that be way more fun?

If you get a 'yes'...

One of the tools that I've used to create more of what I desire is Access Bars (a hands on healing therapy that you can learn more about here).

Since I've experienced Bars, I am MOST GRATEFUL that it's allowed me to begin to get OUT OF JUDGEMENT of myself and others.

I have a tendency to try and get everything 'right'.  Like wanting to give my kids the perfect healthy foods, read the right parenting book, be a good neighborm support the right causes, etc.  

And then I realized having all of those judgments totally limits the growth of myself AND others!

When I judge something as right or wrong, good or bad, then I can no longer see things as they truly are.  Instead, I cut off my awareness and only see what matches my conclusion.  Pretty limiting, eh?  

So now I am always asking this - How can I be more gentle to myself and others?

Instead of feeling like I need to force or change things about myself, others, and the world, I can choose to RELAX and function from allowance instead.  Like seeing things for what they are and allowing things to reveal themselves.

Wow - does this make my life easier and so much more enjoyable!

We all have something to contribute to the world.  You are unique and have a light and gift to share with the world.  DESPITE what judgments you may have heaped on yourself or have heard from others!

There is no one else that can offer what you can to the world.  Are you ready claim and own what makes you special?  Are you willing to give up your judgments?

You don't have to go out and start a whole movement or create a non-profit.  You just need to be YOU.  What if that's all that the world needs?  Is just YOU being YOU.  Really, it's that simple.

So find the tools that work for you.  Trust your knowing and intuition that only you know what works for you.  

And if you'd like to find that joyful, happy, creative, energetic you (that is always there), then experiment with all the tools that you've got and go DO IT!  Just choose it and it will happen.

What else is possible?? XO