How 1 Simple Yoga Pose Can Relax & Revive You Instantly

I love summer! Eating outside, going swimming, riding bikes, and of course summer vacations, weekends away, festivals, camping, and more! Does it feel like your summer fills up with events before it even gets started? 

I welcome the more social time of summer, but also recognize the need to 'schedule' some down town, free time, and relaxing time. A great way to sneak in 5 minutes of self-care is to practice 1 easy restorative yoga pose.

The yoga pose that I demonstrate in this video, called 'legs up the wall pose', makes your body feel awesome! It is simple, easy, and you can use it to relax and revitalize both your body and mind.

Watch this short 2 minute video and if it feels fun for you, you can incorporate it into your daily routine. Or just use it as a quick pick me up and reboot when things get busy. Enjoy and Namaste!