Are You The Last Person You Take Care Of?

So I've been adding more and more to my life and business lately, which is awesome....AND I've been slowly creeping back into my old habit of running around, taking care of everything and everyone else and not giving myself or my body time to rest and just BE.

Fit in one more call, one more appointment, one more class, one more errand...

Do you ever get in the habit of doing, doing, doing? And not just BEING?

Our culture makes it look like you can only get things done by doing. The more you have going on and the better you can do it - the more successful and accomplished you are.

But what about just relaxing into you, into the space of your being? What if we actually are our most productive and creative from being and not doing?

You may be asking - what does that even mean??

Have you ever had a time when you were doing something you really love to do - whether it is a walk outside, a bath, coffee with a friend or playing with your kids - and you weren't trying to prove anything? You weren't covering up any part or piece of you, you weren't editing what you said or thinking about what other people were thinking. You were just being YOU.

Ahhhh - didn't that feel awesome?
 And have you noticed, those are also the times when we also are the most creative - get those a-ha moments or just feel really vibrantly ALIVE?

I'll have more of that please!!!

So after a few months of not taking care of myself, not doing yoga, not moving my body, not really being very present in a lot of what I was doing...I've made a new commitment to myself and my body. And by doing that - guess what? It's a whole lot kinder not just to me, but to everyone and everything around me. 

I've put my relationship with my husband and my body on my 'to-create' list. I'm scheduling 4 hours a week of time to spend with just my husband - actively creating our relationship. I'm giving at last 30 minutes a day to honor my body with whatever it would like that day - a walk, a nap, a bath, a yummy snack - whatever!

What could you do that would honor you, your life, your body? What would be fun? What amount of time would work for you? Where could you choose to begin? And how could you allow that to grow and change?

What would make you feel like more of YOU? And what if by being more of you, you invite others to do the same? What if more weird, wild and wonderful people like you, showed up in the world as all of them?

Sounds like fun to me! Count me in :-)

Hope to see you soon - in person or online!