3 Things Your Vagina Would Tell You If You Were Listening

Vaginas are amazing - they are beautiful, they birth babies, and they are a source of pleasure, intensity, and receiving.  

Vaginas bring in the next generation to this gorgeous planet of ours.

Basically, vaginas deserve all sorts of gratitude, love, and praise.

Yet, the vagina is one of the most judged body parts that exists.

Men and women alike have all sorts of opinions and points of view about what is wrong with vaginas.

What if there is nothing wrong with you or your vagina?

Your vagina (and your whole body) has all sorts of information it would like to give you. It’s talking to you all the time. Maybe not with words, but with the way your vagina responds to you and the people and the environment around you.

The key to a healthy relationship with your vagina, both physically and mentally, is to start listening to what it has to say.

No matter what your relationship is to your body right now, it can change.

Let's get out of judgment of our vaginas and start creating the relationship with them, and our bodies, that is truly possible!


3 Things Your Vagina Would Tell You If You Were Listening

‘I am beautiful’

Your vagina is gorgeous. All vaginas are gorgeous. No matter what you’ve been told - your vagina’s shape, size, taste, and smell are perfect for you. And it changes over time and throughout your life and that is okay. In many cultures, we don’t usually see many other women’s vaginas up close and personal. If anything, we see one-version in a magazine or movie of what’s deemed to be normal. And if we don’t match that, we often make ourselves wrong. Guess what? Nothing is wrong with you or your body. You are unique and one of a kind, and that is beautiful.

‘I’m a self-cleaning oven’

Your vagina is a self-cleaning oven. It takes care of and cleans itself. It has a unique balance of microorganisms that keep it healthy. When that balance is off, that’s when changes in smell and taste can occur. It’s easy to get stuck in an endless cycle of pills, medications and over-the-counter products that actually don’t do anything to restore health, or the natural flora of your vagina.

If you’ve found yourself in that cycle, there are other options available. It begins with asking your body what would work for it. Ask, ‘What would it take to change this body?’ And trust and follow your knowing. You and your body know what will work for it. We’ve often just stopped listening.

‘I’m listening to you’

Your vagina receives all sorts of information from you and the world around you. It’s listening. It’s one powerful source of receiving. It receives pleasure as much as you allow. Or refuses it as much as you ask it to.

No matter what your level of sensation, pleasure and comfort with your vagina is currently, it can change. If it’s awesome, it can get even greater. If you don’t even wanna know what’s going on down there, you can start to actually know, love and be grateful for your vagina. Really! Anything can change and there is always another choice available.

Start with asking your vagina a question. Ask and you shall receive. A great question to start with: ‘What would it take to receive more than I ever thought possible with total ease?’

Our vaginas deserve gratitude, not judgment. If you could get out of judgment of the most ‘unmentionable’, body part there is, I wonder what else may be possible?

Could you enjoy your body more? Could your life be more fun? Could sex be different? Could you enjoy being here, being alive and being in your body more?

It couldn’t hurt to find out… ;-)

Be well beautiful! And know that your whole body, ALL OF IT, is absolutely amazing and a total gift!

Emily Evans Russell has has always been interested in the body’s structure, function, and abilities since she earned her undergraduate degree in Biology and a Masters in Teaching. She has assisted at several births as a doula (birth assistant) and integrates over 15 years experience studying, teaching, and working with people and their bodies to create more ease and possibilities in their lives. She is an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator (CF), Certified Yoga Teacher, and mama of 2 little girls.

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