"I'll Have That!" - How to Have a Rad Life You Love

Have you ever seen someone who is having or doing something in their life that makes you think - "That is awesome. I'd like to have that!"? Maybe it is someone's gift with business, their ease with parenting, their joy for life, their style, their presence in a room, their ability to travel or maybe they have a really cool car or house. Whatever it is, it is something that you'd like to have more of in your life.

And after thinking that , have you ever gone into the wrongness of you for not having it or for not being able to create it? Or maybe you get a bit jealous? Or maybe you come up with all of the reasons why they can do it but you certainly couldn't?  Well, you can tell that I've never done any of those.....YEAH RIGHT!

Okay, so does coming from that place create any change? Does it make you feel light or heavy?

For me, when I start thinking those things, it just makes me feel pretty shitty and down on myself. Then I either stay in that pity party or I start coming up with reasons why I didn't really need those gifts, talents, capacities and cool things anyway. Sound familiar? Yeah, who needs a rad, awesome life anyway?....

I do! Yes, please! I'll have some of that!

So here's an awesome tool that I've learned from Access Consciousness. It's basically called "I'll Have That!" (or at least that's what I call it :))

Next time you see someone doing something really cool in their life, instead of feeling bad about not having it, feeling guilty for wanting it, or jealous or pissy or whatever it is that you do - you can instead say "I'll have that AND I'll have it my way!"

Start shopping for the life you'd like to have. Start choosing the qualities and energies that you'd like to invite into your life.

What people are you drawn to? Who do you admire? What are they creating, having, or doing that you would like some of? Once you identify those things - you can start playing the "I'll have that game!"

This is a game I often play while driving in my car alone. (The people driving past me probably think I'm crazy as I jibber-jabber away to myself!) It goes something like this - 

I'll have so-and-so's ____________, and I'll have it my way! 

I'll have Richard Branson's bank account, and I'll have it my way. I'll have Oprah's star power and I'll have it my way. I'll have Obama's ease and gift with public speaking and I'll have it my way. I'll have _______'s ease with their body, joy for life, etc, etc. You fill in the blank.

Sound fun? Sound easy?

So whatever you do, don't try using this super easy and simple tool for creating change, because it just might contribute to you HAVING A RAD LIFE YOU LOVE!

And you wouldn't choose that for what reason??

As always, have fun playing with this tool. If you have any questions or stories about what this creates for you, I'd love to hear from you! You can comment below or contact me here.