How to Make Decisions with Ease

So one of my favorite tools from Access Consciousness is using a question to gain awareness.

 You can begin to make choices with ease and have those choices produce results that are a contribution to your life and living.

Before making a decision ask: "What will my life be like in 5 years if I choose this?" Then, sit in the energy that comes up from the question. 5 years is far enough in the future that your logical brain won't have an 'answer' for you. Instead, you will just feel the energy of what that decision will create.

Then ask: "What will my life be like in 5 years if I don't choose this?" Again, be aware of the energy that comes up after asking this question. 

You are not looking for an answer, or a way to figure it out. Be aware of how you responded after those questions.

Which question made you feel lighter? Made you giggle? Were you able to breathe easier? Did it feel like a lovely spring breeze in your world? That is the choice that is true for you. That is your path towards more joy and ease and fun.

Then Choose it! No matter what that looks like. It may make no logical sense, or maybe it does. What matters is that it is a choice that works for you, makes you feel lighter, and brings more joy into your reality.

You can use these questions for EVERYTHING! Not just the 'big' choices. It can be about what to eat for dinner, or whether or not to do an errand, or what you'd like to cross off your to-do list first. 

Have fun and play. See what awareness shows up.

You can also use this tool for choosing things like classes, books, movies, events.

Would you like to explore more tools that can expand your world? Is now the time to create the change you've been looking for? Is there someone in your life that this information may contribute to?

If you get a 'yes', a light feeling, you can contact me here. I'd love to hear from you.

Thank you for who you BE. And as always, be gentle with yourself when you are playing with these new tools. It's like working a muscle that hasn't been used in awhile. Be patient, and your awareness and ease with making choices will continue to grow and grow!