"I'll Have That!" - How to Have a Rad Life You Love

Have you ever seen someone who is having or doing something in their life that makes you think - "That is awesome. I'd like to have that!"? Maybe it is someone's gift with business, their ease with parenting, their joy for life, their style, their presence in a room, their ability to travel or maybe they have a really cool car or house. Whatever it is, it is something that you'd like to have more of in your life.

And after thinking that , have you ever gone into the wrongness of you for not having it or for not being able to create it? Or maybe you get a bit jealous? Or maybe you come up with all of the reasons why they can do it but you certainly couldn't?  Well, you can tell that I've never done any of those.....YEAH RIGHT!

Okay, so does coming from that place create any change? Does it make you feel light or heavy?

For me, when I start thinking those things, it just makes me feel pretty shitty and down on myself. Then I either stay in that pity party or I start coming up with reasons why I didn't really need those gifts, talents, capacities and cool things anyway. Sound familiar? Yeah, who needs a rad, awesome life anyway?....

I do! Yes, please! I'll have some of that!

So here's an awesome tool that I've learned from Access Consciousness. It's basically called "I'll Have That!" (or at least that's what I call it :))

Next time you see someone doing something really cool in their life, instead of feeling bad about not having it, feeling guilty for wanting it, or jealous or pissy or whatever it is that you do - you can instead say "I'll have that AND I'll have it my way!"

Start shopping for the life you'd like to have. Start choosing the qualities and energies that you'd like to invite into your life.

What people are you drawn to? Who do you admire? What are they creating, having, or doing that you would like some of? Once you identify those things - you can start playing the "I'll have that game!"

This is a game I often play while driving in my car alone. (The people driving past me probably think I'm crazy as I jibber-jabber away to myself!) It goes something like this - 

I'll have so-and-so's ____________, and I'll have it my way! 

I'll have Richard Branson's bank account, and I'll have it my way. I'll have Oprah's star power and I'll have it my way. I'll have Obama's ease and gift with public speaking and I'll have it my way. I'll have _______'s ease with their body, joy for life, etc, etc. You fill in the blank.

Sound fun? Sound easy?

So whatever you do, don't try using this super easy and simple tool for creating change, because it just might contribute to you HAVING A RAD LIFE YOU LOVE!

And you wouldn't choose that for what reason??

As always, have fun playing with this tool. If you have any questions or stories about what this creates for you, I'd love to hear from you! You can comment below or contact me here.


3 Ways to Get Your Magic Back

So lately I've been having one day where I feel totally great and happy and joyful, and then the next day I feel stuck, limited, heavy, and not like myself.  

I've been having this yo-yo effect from day to day and would much rather have more of the days where I feel amazing! You know the days where you have energy and things make you laugh and everything happens with ease. Would you like to have more of those too?

Have you ever had a time in your life when you felt AMAZING? Maybe you felt your whole body buzzing with joy. Maybe you felt incredibly peaceful and calm. Maybe you felt potent and strong. Maybe you created something or changed something that you thought you couldn't. Maybe you just had a really good day where everything seemed to flow.

Whatever it was for you, do you remember a time where you just felt joyful and LIKE YOU? And from that space you created some pretty cool stuff?

That is the magic that we all truly BE.

We have the ability to create magical possibilities just by being who we are. And being as unique and weird and different as we are.

Did you know the original definition of weird was "of spirit, fate or destiny"?

Yet, do you ever feel like your day to day life is pretty far from magic? Or lacking the brilliance and unqueness and weirdness that you'd like to see? Like you used to be able to create some cool stuff in your life, but not anymore?

Here are some simple things that you can do to get your magic back: (from Dr. Dain Heer and Access Consciousness tools )

1) Every morning you can ask "Universe, show me something beautiful today". It doesn't sound like a question, but it is. What if you could tap into the beauty and abundance of the Earth with that much ease? Hint - it is that easy ;)

2) When you are feeling crappy, limited, heavy, depressed, down on yourself, or just not as awesome as you'd like to feel - ask "Who does this belong to?" If you feel lighter after asking that, or if your body relaxes, IT ISN'T YOURS! 

We are all actually super psychic and aware. 99% of our thoughts, feelings and emotions actually aren't ours. We pick them up from everything and everyone around us.

Sounds wacky right? I thought so too. But if you'd like to play with this tool - give it a try. I'm amazed when I use this myself or see my daughter use this tool and all of the angst or frustration just go away.

So if you feel lighter after asking, you can then follow that with "Return to sender". You don't have to know where it came from or feel bad about giving it back. Returning it to where it came from, allows it to also get cleared from that other person or place or space if they choose.

3) Ask - "If I were truly being the magic I am today, what would I choose right away?" This is not a question that you have to sit and figure out. Don't beat yourself up about not knowing your 'path' or worrying that you're not doing what you 'should' be doing. Follow what feels fun for you and what feel light. Even the Dalai Lama has said - "The purpose of life is to have fun". Agreed!

Open yourself up to the awareness that this question creates. You can go about your day asking questions with wonder and curiosity, and follow what feels like it would create more magic in your life.

Choosing for you, choosing for more magic, choosing for joy and laughter - this is what the planet and all the people on it require to heal.

What can we contribute? Hmm, I wonder what are the infinite possibilities... :)