Healing From Trauma - Recovering YOU Quickly & Easily

Have you ever had something happen to you or your body that left you feeling traumatized? Have you had a surgery (recent or past)? Are there parts of your body that feel sore? numb? Do you struggle with upset emotions or fear?


What if there was an quick, easy, and simple way to UNLOCK your body from the trauma and have more of YOU? 

By using a gentle touch bodywork process called Cellular Memory, I've seen it be AMAZINGLY EFFECTIVE at such things as softening scar tissue (no matter how old the surgery or injury), relieving tension in organs and the body, and OVERALL HEALING.

Cellular Memory is great for acute injuries, c-section scars (I it on my scar every night while I sleep), or anywhere that the body is sore. I also use it with my children all the time when they fall down, bump heads, or get cuts, bruises and scrapes.

Cellular Memory is an Access Consciousness Body Process®.

Access Body processes are hands-on touch techniques that involve activating natural energies that already exist within the body to heal it and promote optimum functioning. And even better, everyone can do it with ease!

Cellular Memory is actually a very simple and gentle process that requires only light touch on the body. Cellular Memory relieves cells and tissues of trauma.

The residue of trauma of any sort—physical, emotional, shock, mental, energetic—can distort the shape of our cells and interfere with their functioning. Applying this energy can restore cells to their former resilience.

Cellular Memory is an incredibly dynamic process and creates seeming miracles by allowing the body to choose to heal. It is extremely powerful when used with animals as well as people.

Access Consciousness body processes are easy to learn and simple to apply. They are usually relaxing and restoring, leaving both receivers and gifters relaxed, energized and refreshed. No prior healing experience or knowledge is required. 

I used to think that everyone else in the world could 'feel energy' or heal others, but that I could never do it. I was always drawn to people who had gifts with working with bodies and healing, yet I never acknowledged it in myself.

I now KNOW that ALL OF US have a healing capacity. Our bodies have incredible abilities to heal themselves when they are gently asked, invited, and nurtured along the way. 

Just like we all learn differently, we all heal differently, feel bodies or energy differently. And what if that's all okay? What if that's the brilliance of being our unique individual selves?

Emily is a Certified Access Consciousness Body Process & Bars Facilitator, Certified Yoga Teacher, and has her Masters Degree in Teaching and a BA in Biological Sciences. You can  read more about Emily here.

Emily is a Certified Access Consciousness Body Process & Bars Facilitator, Certified Yoga Teacher, and has her Masters Degree in Teaching and a BA in Biological Sciences. You can read more about Emily here.

If you are interested in healing from trauma and/or learning this simple body process to use with others, I facilitate Cellular Memory Worshops. In a 3 hour workshop, you receive a 1 hour session of cellular memory and gift a session. How does it get any better than that?!

You will also get other simple tools for finding communion with your body and recognizing your body is your greatest ally rather than something to fight against.

For more information, to register for a workshop, or work with me from a distance, send me a message here.



How to Nurture & LISTEN to your BODY

So here's a wacky, but very real concept: YOU have awareness and consciousness AND so does your BODY. You are separate from each other, and at the same time, you are one.


That's right - you are not just a body, and your body is not all of you. You are connected to your body in this amazing communion called embodiment. How cool is that?

Now for me (being someone who chose to study Biology and all sorts of other sciences in college -I love to think, analyze and problem solve), and I used to spend a lot of time living in my head and doing what I thought was right, or good, or healthy for me.

However, my body did not always agree with this. And for a LONG TIME, I did not listen to my body's point of view.

I know this sounds crazy, but your body actually has it's own idea of what it likes to eat, what clothes it likes to wear, how it likes to be touched and how much sleep it requires. And these KNOWINGS that your body has, may be very different than what you think or what you read or what your health care providers or society says.

For example, I used to run cross country and long distance for many years and I would get injury after injury... "Hello!" my body was saying "Are you listening???!! I don't like this!" Yet, I kept doing it. I would just take ibuprofen and run through the pain.

Sound crazy? Or maybe you've done something like this?

I also used to have awful stomach cramps and gas and bloating and pain (from the time I was a young child), and I thought that was perfectly normal. I never once had the awareness that maybe my body wasn't happy with something I was eating. Turns out, my body does not like eating dairy or wheat at the moment (at least that's what my body is telling me now and I know that can also change). When I don't eat those things, I have more energy, no stomach issues, clearer and non-itchy skin and no sinus infections! 

Have you ever experienced something like that? What if everything that occurs with your body, is just your SMART, AWARE BODY trying to tell you something? 

What if you could ask your body more questions and LISTEN to the awareness that you receive? What would that look like?

You can ask things like, "Body - 

  • what would you like to eat?
  • how much sleep do you require? 
  • would you like to go outside?
  • what type of movement do you like?
  • what would you like to wear?
  • how and where do you like to be touched?
  • how often would you like to have sex or be pleasured?
  • is that pain/stiffness/intensity even yours, or are you picking it up from someone or something else?

And then pause, and just allow the awareness to pervade your world. Don't let your brain interfere or start telling you all the things you think it SHOULD be doing! Your body doesn't like 'SHOULDS'. Ever notice that?

And also, can you be in allowance that what your body desires? IT can change A LOT! It may even be different every day. 

So what does it look like when you start asking your body questions and listening?

That may be different for everyone, but one thing is for sure - your body will be much happier, as will you.

For me, I do yoga, because my body loves the peace, space, and openness it creates. I sleep 5 or 6 hours some nights (and get up and do work or read in the middle of the night) and on other nights, I'll sleep for 10 hours. Most of the time, I wear clothes that feel good on my skin and make my body feel gorgeous (when I don't choose this - my whole body and being feel kind of tired, frumpy, and invisible). Most of the time I eat until I am full (and sometimes that is after A LOT of food and sometimes that's after just a few bites). I choose something to eat that my body practically jumps towards and says YES, That looks YUMMY! And when I don't, I feel icky or too full or tired.  I treat my body to more massages, touching, sex, baths, walks, and time in nature AS MUCH AS POSSBILE! I am now creating the time for things that my body truly desires.

I have finally started to get out of my head, listen to what my body would like, and then do it. AND WOW, - what a friggin' difference it makes!! And my body has been SO GRATEFUL. 

My body has been with me the whole time, just waiting patiently, taking all of the abuse that I've given it (because anytime you are going against your body and its knowing, that's a form of abuse), and STILL LOVING ME.

How brilliant are our bodies??

Would you like to have more fun with your body? More ease in your body?

Then maybe, play with these questions. Start asking, listening, and see what shows up for you.

I'd love to hear from you - whether you post a comment on this blog or send me an email. How do things change for you when you start to be in communion with your body? What magic begins to show up?

Until then - have fun playing, experimenting, and enjoying this amazing experience of embodiment! 

Oh yeah - and some of my most favorite books that have facilitated this change with my body are: "Embodiment - The Manual You Should Have Been Given When You Were Born" by Dr. Dain Heer, "Sex is Not a Four Letter Word but Relationship Often Times Is" by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer, and "69 Shades of Pleasure" an E-book by Rebecca Hulse and Liam Phillips. And an amazing 30 Day Online Program to get you out of judgment of your body and life by Katherine McIntosh called I'll Have What She's Having. 


It's a Naked Celebration! - How to Love Our Bodies

A few weeks ago, my 4 year old daughter and her friend were jumping on a trampoline in the gorgeous, but chilly, spring weather.

When all of the sudden, they ran inside, disappeared for a minute, and then came back out, completely nude, giggling and yelling "It's a naked celebration!".  

They jumped on the trampoline, shaking their little bums, laughing, and loving their bodies!

They were so joyful, so giddy, so carefree.

What can we learn from those amazing little girls? What would it take to love our bodies that much?  

I think we can begin by letting go of all of the places where we judge and critique ourselves and our bodies.  

How often have you looked in the mirror actually trying to find all of your new wrinkles, sags, or other 'imperfections'?  

In Japan, there is a concept called Wabi Sabi, which is basically based on the idea that it's actually the imperfections that create beauty. That the imperfections are more valuable than perfection itself.


Leonard Cohen expresses the same sentiment in his song "Anthem", "Ring the bells that still can ring; forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything; that's how the light gets in." 

What if you could start to function from a place of total gratitude for your body, JUST AS IT IS? And be grateful for you may see as imperfections.

Imagine what you and your body could create from that space of gratitude?

Our bodies actually listen to us.  They have their own awareness and consciousness.

If you thank your body for how it supports you and for all of the amazing things it does for you, it responds by creating more health and ease.  

So a great practice to start is to wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and tell your body how beautiful it is - just the way it is, without changing anything.  Say "Hi Beautiful!"

This is also a great thing for your children to see.  Imagine growing up with that kind of love for your body as a model! Imagine the confidence and joy your children can create about their bodies from that space.

So get naked and be proud!  Walk around your house a bit (or your bedroom) and thank your body for being so amazing.

Then, from that place, you can begin to ask questions:

Body, what weight and shape do you want to be?

Body, what do you want to eat today?

Body, would you like to be outside today? Would you like to move in some way?

I know this may sound strange...to talk to your body.  But what's the harm in trying?

Like so many things, it is one of the many tools that I have experimented with in my laboratory of life and have been amazed with the results!

So, I wanted to share this wacky perspective with you! And to remind you (as I was by my daughter) that we all came into the world as children who LOVED their bodies.

And next time you want to critique or judge some part of your or your body, just remember the greatness of you and how truly amazing and unique you are.

As Dr. Seuss says, "There is no one who is You-er than YOU!"

Love your body and be grateful for all that it contributes to your life and living. 

You are a gift to the world, just the way you are.  You are unique.  

You being you is the only thing that is required to create a life that is better than anything you could imagine. 

Here's another fun question to ask yourself, "What would it take for more of ME to show up in my life?"

Have fun experimenting with these tools and a new way of looking at your body.  

As always, see what works for you and what feels light, then follow your heart down your path.

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