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Activate Your Abundance

Seriously Effective Tools to Completely Change How You Function with Money!

Nobody needs to have a money problem and everyone can out-create their current situation. Whether you have $5 or $5000 in the bank, this class gives you tools to have more peace and ease with money, creativity, and abundant living.

This workshop is about becoming aware of the abundant future you'd like to create and giving you the tools and steps to get there. 

The universe is endlessly abundant and constantly wanting to gift to us. It's the barriers that we put up to receiving that keep us from creating what we know is possible.

What if you could clarify your vision, amp up your frequency, and move from a mindset of lack into abundance?

Emily will be giving you dynamic tools and simple questions to create more abundance and ease in your life than you thought possible.

This Workshop Is For You If You'd Like To:

  • Live Your Life from Prosperity Consciousness!

  • Increase Your Creativity And Productivity

  • Release And Clear Old Beliefs And Systems That Hold You Back From Success

  • Create More Joy And Therefore More Money (Money Follows Joy!)

  • Nurture And Nourish Your Life, Your Business And Your Creations

Investment = $40

When? Sunday March 13th: 1-3:30PM EASTERN TIME, at Dancing Feet Yoga

Bring = pen/pencil and paper/journal

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