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Bad Moms - A Being You Adventure

This is a special Being You Class...BAD MOMS - A Being You Evening Adventure with Sarah & Emily...

From the minute those precious little angels inhabit our lady oven, we are forever changed. 

It seems that the measure of success goes from the corporate ladder to Chutes & Ladders in the blink of an eye. As women, we strive to succeed in whatever role we’re given and pride of the "Good Mom” badge is one that can be matched only by the “Top Cookie Sales” badge we earned as Girl Scouts as a child.

If you’re anything like us, you have often found yourself teetering between gluten free, Non GMO parenting and wondering if Cherry Cheesecake counts as two food groups for dinner. 

If a women’s history repeated itself, which it often does, we are known to chase that dream of being deemed a 'Good Mom' by our children, our partners, our peers, the school staff, the babysitter (if you allow yourself to have one) and neighbors only to wake up one day and look in the mirror and wonder….. Who the Hell is that tired face staring back at me? We lose ourselves in the pursuit of the Good Mom dream! And of course we do, often the BEST moms are often the most self-LESS Moms right. 

Webster’s Dictionary defines SELFLESS as “having or showing great concern for other people and LITTLE or NO CONCERN for yourself. And we would think that’s a good idea for what reason? 

We are here to invite you to a different possibility for you as a MOM. What if you could choose something new for you and still create an awesome life for your kids? What if it was possible to receive all of the judgment that comes for choosing for you and still go after that life that you know is possible? What if being willing to be seen as a BAD MOM is the greatest gift you can give your kids?

We have been asking these questions and more and more keeps showing up in our lives. 
 And guess what…. Our kids are HAPPY!!! And even more…. Our kids are telling us about the adventures they want to go on when they are older and how excited they are about creating that for their lives someday. Our kids are telling us they are proud of us!! 

If you would have asked either of us when we became moms if we thought this was possible, we would’ve definitely told you no. And not only told you no, we would both probably have to admit that we had huge amounts of judgment for the women we saw making similar choices. 

If you’re looking to have more of YOU… more of BEING YOU, as a MOM…. We’d love to invite you to join us! 

What if being a mom has NOTHING to do with getting it “right”…. But instead, BEING YOU in every moment with your kids and being that invitation for them and their lives and what is possible.

This is an Online Video Class/Telecall - you can join from anywhere in the world! Join us Feb 19th, 6PM PST - 8PM PST.

To Register go HERE. 

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