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Intro to Access Bars

Access Bars is an amazing tool & hands-on healing modality that can help you create more ease, less disease & can eliminate pain in your body. It can increase your intuition, and help you  generate more possibilities in every area of your life.

Receiving an Access Bars session creates a lot more clarity and ultimately consciousness. Stuff clears up that you didn't know was bothering you until it isn't there anymore.

The Bars Has Helped People With ADD, ADHD, Addiction, Body Issues, Pain, Depression, And So Much More.

What Is Bars? The Bars Is A Touch Point Therapy Directed At 32 Points On The Head That Quiets The Mind, Brings Us Back Into Balance And Creates Ease, Peace And A Sense Of Well-Being Similar To A Massage Or Meditation, Except So Much More. 

What Are The Benefits Of Having Your Bars ‘Run’?

•More FUN, JOY & EASE In Every Aspect Of Your Life

•People Or Situations That Once ‘Drove You Nuts’ No Longer Bother You Or Cause Problems

•Release Stress, Anxiety, And Depression (Depression Vanishes For Many After Just 1 Session)

What About Bars And Kids? After Having Their Bars Run, Many Children Are Much Happier, Feel Better And Do Much Better At Home And At School. They Tend To Have Better Sleep And Fewer Tantrums. Kids Have An Easier Time In Social, Academic, And Emotional Situations. Many Families Have Found That Bars Have Been Extremely Helpful With Children That Have ADD/ADHD, OCD, Autism, And Dyslexia.

Similar To The Philosophies Of The Yoga Tradition, Access Bars Is A System Based On Energy. Health And Well-Being Is About Unblocking Stuck Energy And Coming Back Into Your Natural State Of Balance; Not Having To Fix Something That Is ‘Wrong’ Or ‘Broken’. 

Having Your Bars ‘Run’ Releases Anything That Limits You And Connects You To Your Source Of Creative Energy, Inspiration And Uncaused Joy. People Create New Possibilities And Happiness In Their Lives With Ease.

This Is A 1 1/2 Hour Introductory Class Where You Will Learn Basic Tools To Create Change In Your Life Including How To Gift And Receive Mini-Bars Sessions.

You Will Also Receive An Informational Packet With The Bars Points That Are Taught In Class For You To Take Home And Practice With Friends And/Or Family. 

Investment: $25 

Click Here to register online. 

Contact Emily for questions -, 312-545-3919, or click here.

All ages of kids and babies are welcome. (children as young as 3 have learned to do Bars!)

Earlier Event: May 31
Later Event: November 8
Access Consciousness Level 1