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Are You Aware Of The Conversation You Are Having With Nature And Nature Is Having With You?

Would you like to reconnect with that non-stop conversation?

Do you have stiffness, aches or pains in your body? What if that is not only your body communicating with you, but also the Earth asking you for your contribution to it in some way?

Most of us are very aware of what the Earth requires now - which is a lot of healing. What if through a simple body process, you can nurture your own body and at the same time heal the planet?

Sound crazy? What if it were really that simple? 

Restoration of Communion with Earth is one of the Access Consciousness hands on body processes which assists in bringing back the amazing capacity of communion with the Earth and our bodies that we all naturally have.

This Body Process (Restoration Of Communion W/ Earth) Is Run By Gently Holding The Bottoms Of The Feet And Opening Up Receiving From The Earth. The Entire Body Softens, Relaxes, And Steps Into A Whole New Space Of Healing. At The Same Times, There Is A Simultaneous Gifting To The Earth. WOW!

In this workshop you will

  • receive a 1 hour body process 
  • learn how to give the same process
  • learn new ways to heal your body
  • get some totally different tools for connecting to the Earth

If the weather permits, we'll hold this class outside!! :-)

Investment: $50

Contact Emily to register here or call her cell: 312-545-3919, 




Later Event: June 8
Intro to Access Bars