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Putting The Fun Back In Business

How to Create a Conscious Business, Have Fun AND Make Money

This workshop will give you innovative and practical tools to shake up your business routine, have more fun, and create more consciousness and money in the world!

5 Things You Won’t Want to Miss!

1. Procrastination - Why it may not be as bad as you think it is and what it’s actually telling you
2. How to choose pricing, ask for money and receive it, without feeling like a total a-hole
3. Money follows joy…really! Questions (yes questions, not answers) to create more of both!
4. Are you OCC, an Obsessive Compulsive Creator, and how can you use that to your advantage? ;)
5. Following your gut and trusting what you know - how to create what you know is possible and may not have been done before!

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Emily Evans Russell, M.A., JCF, has tried her hand in all sorts of businesses - from teaching Biology to serving and bartending, to creating social media, marketing, and communications for the global companies, Access Consciousness® and Joy of Business™. A recent addition to Chattanooga and former Midwest native, Emily is a mother of 2 young girls, yoga teacher, speaker, Head of Creative Marketing & Production for Joy of Business, Social Media & Promotion Maven for Access Consciousness, and lover of having fun!

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