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Access Bars® Workshop

Do you ever feel overwhelmed or stressed-out? Does your joyful, creative spirit get buried under daily routines, responsibilities, and expectations? Are you so busy taking care of others that you've forgotten how to take care of yourself?

What if I told you that life could be way more fun?  Would you like to reconnect with your happy, spontaneous side with total ease? Tune into your inner wisdom? Awaken and activate YOU? Have the tools to get out of that feeling of stuckness and UGH when it happens?

This Class gives you the tools for all of that and more!  

This class is for everyone.  All can benefit!

Access Bars is a hands-on healing technique that is easy, accessible, and brings happiness and peace into our crazy lives! Everything in this world has a natural order and flow (including you, your body, and your life). Having your bars 'run' brings us back into that balance, opens up our natural energy flows, and creates a connection to something bigger.

This class is not about fixing something that is 'wrong' with you.  It is not about looking for an answer.  Instead, this class is about asking questions and opening up doors to all sorts of possibilities that are available to you! 

During this class, you’ll learn practical tools to create change in any area of your life.  You will receive 2 Bars® sessions and learn how to give Bars®.  We will be eating good food, relaxing, talking and learning practical tools that you can use NOW. Having your bars 'run' feels like a relaxing body treatment similar to massage, Reiki or Craniosacral therapy, except so much more.

After the class, you will know how to give Bars® and can choose to share it with your friends, family, or clients.  People of all ages experience less depression and anxiety, more joy and ease, restful sleep, fewer body aches and pains, and relief from feelings of being overwhelmed.  Children have less worries and anxiety, do better in school, have more fun with their peers, get in less trouble, and become more calm, confident, and articulate.  Families and relationships of all types function with more ease and peace.  How does it get any better than that?

Access Bars® - Class and Certification Course

Pre-Requisites: None, just the willingness to learn something new :)

Time: Can vary, often 9:30am-5:30pm with an hour lunch break

Investment: $200 ($100 if you've already taken the class. Kids under 16 are free. Kids 16-18 are $100)

Earlier Event: May 29
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