Prenatal Private Session  

Pregnancy and motherhood are two of the most beautiful phases of life. Isn’t it interesting how everyone tends to give you more advice on these topics than any other area of your life?

We often doubt our ability to know what is right for us and our children. We look to books, blogs, friends, and family to tell us what is right for us to do.


What if you were the only one that really knew what was true for you, your body, and your baby?

What if we all have an innate ability to ‘just know’ what works for our babies? Motherhood can be, and works best, when it is a time of reconnecting with your instincts and internal sense of knowing.

While pregnant with each of my girls and during these early years of parenting, I have found 2 tools that connect me to my body, ny baby, and my inner wisdom and knowing, with total ease: Yoga & Access Bars (a touch-point healing therapy that you can learn more about here).

I'm most interested in sharing these tools with other pregnant women so that they can have an ease-filled pregnancy and birth that works for them and their baby.

This private one-on-one session includes:

  • a private 45 minute yoga practice tailored to your stage of pregnancy and unique needs. (You can read more about the AWESOME BENEFITS of PRENATAL YOGA here
  • a written copy of the yoga sequence (including pictures) so that you can continue to practice in the comfort of your own home when it works for you, your schedule, and your energy level.
  • a 30 minute Access Bars session. This creates a tremendous amount of ease and peace for your body and the baby. It also releases fears and perceived limitations around birth, pregnancy, and motherhood. 
Doing prenatal yoga has prepared me in many ways for the upcoming birth of my first child. Physically, it has helped me learn techniques to alleviate back and hip pain and I love the positions Emily has shown me that can be useful during labor. Additionally, I have learned how to be more connected with my body during prenatal yoga. The breathing techniques taught by Emily, along with her guided talks, have helped me to learn to trust my body and know that it is strong and capable of childbirth. To me, the mind body connection that Emily has helped cultivate during our sessions is the greatest thing I will take away from the classes. I’m looking forward to applying her lessons so that I can have the birth I want!
— Becky R.
Emily has given me a few Bars sessions and the results I’ve felt are mind blowing! Emily is a power house with a gentle approach. I had my Bars run once a week (sometimes more) while I was pregnant and it created a pregnancy that was full of ease in my body and mind. I felt more empowered and more confident as a result of the consistent sessions. I also found that delivering my child was much easier for me because of the Bars sessions. I’ve heard that other women who have received regular Bars sessions as well and have received similar results including an easier time with your body during pregnancy and easier labor and delivery. Bottom line if you would like to create pregnancy that is easier than you could ever imagine, I suggest booking sessions with Emily. She’s truly go gifted.

— Ashley Stamatinos, BP, RMT Founder of