Activate Your Abundance Downloadable Class

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Activate Your Abundance Downloadable Class

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This 2 hour class is about creating an abundant future and giving you the tools and steps to create more money and more time to get where you'd like to go!

There are two excuses for not doing the things we’d like to do in life that no one can argue with - ‘I don’t have the time’ and ‘I don’t have the money’.  They are both brilliant excuses for stopping ourselves and not creating our lives.

The universe is endlessly abundant and constantly wanting to gift to us. It's the barriers that we put up to receiving that keep us from creating what we know is possible. Let's push down those barriers and open up to what's possible!

"Life is to be created - not lived." - Gary Douglas

What If You Could Clarify Your Vision, Amp Up Your Frequency, And Move From A Mindset Of Lack Into Abundance?

Emily gives you dynamic tools and simple questions to create an abundance of money, time and ease in your life - more than you thought possible.

This Workshop Is For You If You'd Like To:

  • Increase Your Creativity And Productivity

  • Release And Clear Old Beliefs And Systems That Hold You Back From Success

  • Create More Joy And Therefore More Money (Money Follows Joy!)

  • Nurture And Nourish Your Life, Your Business And Your Creations

What You Get In This Online Class

  • Audio download of the 2 hour class
  • 6 page homeplay PDF with exercises, tools and questions to create more money, time, creativity, play and joy in your life

Investment = $20


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