Unlock Trauma From the Body at a Cellular Level

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Unlock Trauma From the Body at a Cellular Level


 In this workshop you will receive and gift an Access Consciousness Body Process® called Cellular Memory.

Access Body processes are hands-on touch techniques that involve activating natural energies that already exist within the body to heal it and promote optimum functioning. And even better, everyone can do it with ease!

Cellular Memory is actually a very simple and gentle process that requires only light touch on the body. Cellular Memory relieves cells and tissues of trauma. The residue of trauma of any sort—physical, emotional, shock, mental, energetic—can distort the shape of our cells and interfere with their functioning. Applying this energy can restore cells to their former resilience.

I have seen this be an effective process for such things as softening scar tissue (no matter how old the surgery or injury), relieving tension in organs and the body, and overall healing. Great for acute injuries, c-section scars and anywhere that the body is sore. I use this all the time on my children when they fall down, bump heads or get cuts/scrapes.

Cellular Memory is an incredibly dynamic process and creates seeming miracles by allowing the body to choose to heal.It is extremely powerful when used with animals as well as people.

Access Consciousness body processes are easy to learn and simple to apply. They are usually relaxing and restoring, leaving both receivers and gifters relaxed, energized and refreshed. No prior healing experience or knowledge is required. 

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