Telecall - Conversations with Vagina

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Telecall - Conversations with Vagina

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I was recently asked to choose 5 body parts I love...

#1? My VAGINA!!!! Hello??? Talk about one amazing body part!!!! Intensity, pleasure, yumminess AND it can have babies - pretty fucking awesome!

Now here's the thing, I wouldn't have always answered that.

No matter what your relationship is to your body right now, what if it could change?

What if you could go from judging your body to being totally grateful for it? For ALL of it?

If you could get out of judgment, even a little bit, of your body and your vagina (one of the most 'judged' body parts in our society) what else could you stop judging?  Could you enjoy your body more? Could your life be more fun? Could sex be different? Could you enjoy being here, being alive and being in your body more? 

The brilliance of the Access Consciousness tools, which we will use during this call, is that you can actually change anything - change your decisions, your stuck points, your hang-ups - so you can have total freedom in any area of your life. 

Welcome to Conversations with Vagina! Ask any question...and I mean ANY. No topic is off limits. 

1 call. 60 minutes. Women Only. $20

Call Date & Time: November 27th, 4:30PM EST
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Welcome to Conversations with Vagina!