Family Access Bars® Class

Sevi giving me bars 2.jpg
Sevi giving me bars 2.jpg

Family Access Bars® Class


During this 1 hour class, children and their parent or caregiver will learn how to give 'mini' Bars sessions and take home tools to create more ease and joy for their family.

Running Bars assists families to have:

  • more FUN, JOY & EASE
  • an easier time in SOCIAL, ACADEMIC and EMOTIONAL situation.

Families and relationships of all sorts begin to function in a whole new, and wonderful way.

In this class, you will learn:

  • how to 'run' bars (children as young as 2 have learned to run bars)

  • tools to create change and ease for your family

When family members get their Bars 'run', relationships of all types function with more ease and peace.

After having their Bars run, children have less worry, depression, and anxiety.

They do better in school, have more fun with their peers, get in less trouble, and become more calm, confident, and articulate.


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Learn More about Access Bars in this short video.