Immune Health & Body Vibrancy Workshop

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Immune Health & Body Vibrancy Workshop


Does your immune system need a boost? Is your body in need of a makeover to function at its best?

In this workshop you will receive and gift an Access Body Process® called MTVSS. Access Body processes are hands-on touch techniques that involve activating natural energies that already exist within the body to heal it and promote optimum functioning. And even better, everyone can do it with ease!

MTVSS is actually a very simple and gentle process that requires only light touch on the body. It is deeply relaxing as it loosens rigidity in the body and creates new space and openness. It begins to unlock the molecular structure of different problems that otherwise disrupt and damage the body.

The healing possibilities available from MTVSS are vast! It significantly and naturally boosts the immune system and rewrites the blueprint of the body from the inside out. It is designed to undo disruption, aging, immune issues, and any chronic conditions. It has been used to undo almost any way the body is malfunctioning and has even been known to change conditions such as cancer, arthritis, sports injuries, fractured bones, sick organs and more.

Emily will teach you to use MTVSS:

·         As an IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTER by running it on key points on the body

·         As an overall body immune system stimulant by running it on the joints

·         On individual “sick” organs and organ systems (digestive, reproductive, etc)

·         As a way to energize and maximize your workouts with MTVSS

“MTVSS unlocks the blueprint that’s been forced upon your body.  Doing it 20-30 times allows your body to show up as it was designed to, not as other’s points of view and implants have forced it to show up.  Undoing this blueprint can lead to results you might not expect.  This process creates so much change when you receive it that your friends, not familiar with the dynamic change that MTVSS and other Access Body Processes® can create, may ask what’s different about you, how much weight you’ve lost, if you got your hair done or had a makeover.  When you receive MTVSS, you do get a makeover—MTVSS gives you a makeover from the inside out; to become the greatness of being you and your body were meant to be.” – Gary Douglas

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