Mommy and Me Yoga 

Spend quality time together with your young one/s while enjoying and exploring the benefits of yoga. 

Feel energized, centered and connected.

This class is a wonderful way to take care of yourself while caring for your child.

Meet other parents of young children and babies as you stretch, strengthen, play and relax. 

Learn tips for how to bring yoga and conscious awareness into your daily life as a parent.

For parents & little ones; most appropriate for 6 weeks through age 8.  

Class fee includes attendance for 1 adult and up to 2 children. $15. ($5 for each additional child)

Class Time: 1X a month at the lotus center. Click here for next class

We love the Mommy and Me Yoga Class at the Lotus Center. I take my 4 year old and my almost 3 month old daughters every week. After trying other Mommy and Me classes, I hesitated going due to being slightly disappointed. But, I quickly realized that Emily has a gift for balancing all ages. She has the enthusiasm and ability for everyone to leave class satisfied.
— Liz

Custom-tailored Private Class

Emily loves designing a program tailored to meet your desires.

In this creative process, Emily asks you questions to learn more about your body and where you'd like your yoga practice to take you.  

She then uses all of the tools and skills available to her to expand more than just your yoga practice, but also your life and living into something you may not have known was possible, but absolutely is!

You will receive a video and/or a printed copy of a yoga sequence (including breathwork and meditation) tailored specifically to match your needs.

$85 for 1 hour meeting/practice plus printed and/or video resources of your sequence.

A short phone consultation or email before the private may be required for Emily to learn more about where you'd like your practice to take you. This is included in the price.

Prenatal Yoga

Cultivate body awareness through gentle, modified yoga poses and practice the art of relaxation through breath awareness.

Poses practiced in class aim to build strength and softness and develop a balance between ease and effort. 

You will find gentle stretches, supported postures, and an emphasis on de-stressing the body and mind

This class is appropriate for those who seek a restorative class and expectant mothers at all stages of pregnancy. 

For mamas-to-be this class is a wonderful opportunity to prepare for birth while celebrating your changing body and growing baby. 

Private Sessions now being offered as well as 1 class per month at The Lotus Center - Monday Night 5:15-6:30PM. Click here for the upcoming classes.