5 Elements of Intimacy

Feb 19, 2021

What comes to mind when I tell you to think about intimacy?

Candles? Jazz music? Romantic date nights?

What if I told you that intimacy actually had nothing to do with those kinds of activities?

Intimacy isn’t about “romance” - it’s a way of building a deeper connection and closeness.

And contrary to what people may think, the most important person to build intimacy with is yourself.

Building intimacy with yourself is a way of honoring you and making yourself a priority in your life.

Trust me, when you begin to do this, everything begins to change (in the best way). Joy and ease in your life expand, and you begin to see yourself for the gift that you are.

These topics are some of the many we get to explore during Foundation classes that I facilitate.

If you haven’t been making yourself a priority lately, I encourage you to tune in and learn how intimacy has the power to completely transform your energy and create more ease than you can even imagine.