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Welcome to the Foundation Online with Julia and I!

We are so excited to welcome you on the journey to more- the journey of the Access Foundation Class!

This is the class that changed both of our lives completely and totally and there is nothing out there that is like it. What are you looking for that you have not yet found?

This Foundation class will be online over 6 consecutive days for about 5 hours each day with an hour break! Beginning May 28th

You can join from anywhere in the world with an internet connection!

CLICK HERE for your time in the world


Payment Options

*Global Pricing is available*
To find your Global Pricing percentage please CLICK HERE
then return to this page and click on an option below

*PLEASE NOTE: If you have taken the Foundation or a Choice of Possibilities class in the last 12 months, you are eligible to receive repeat pricing on this class. To choose repeat pricing simply enter the coupon code: REPEAT on one of the checkout links below.

Foundation 100% Global Pricing

$1,600.00 USD
Foundation 80% Global Pricing

$1,280.00 USD
Foundation 75% Global Pricing

$1,200.00 USD
Foundation 65% Global Pricing

$1,040.00 USD