Being a Lady in Business

1 Part 90 Minute Telecall with Emily Russell

Online Replay

Let’s play a game of ‘would you rather?’….

Would you rather fight to prove your strength OR be the source of power that creates possibilities?

Would you rather create conflict OR look for what’s going to create the most in each situation?

Would you rather control everything and everyone OR allow and invite others to become more?

After reading ‘The Lady’, a book by Gary Douglas, I was especially inspired by the chapter - ‘A Lady in Business’.

You are invited to a conversation. An invitation. A space to explore what you are uniquely capable of. Not only in business, but in every area of your life.

“A lady knows she is unique in her own right. She doesn’t have to be in control. She takes the lead only when appropriate. A lady can also be controversial, but she’s controversial in the sense that she inspires people to be different or to do something different. She does not use force with people. She simply inspires them.” - Gary Douglas


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