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'Practical Magic'

Are you practical, magical, or both?

4-Part Telecall APRIL 7th & 8th (receive recordings) and live calls on:


April 17, 9am EST

April 19, 9am EST

facilitated by Emily Evans Russell 

What if instead of believing in magic, you could trust that you ARE magic?

While wiggling your nose or waving a wand may be fun, what if magic was even simpler than that?

Magic is practical. Magic is you.

When you unhide you, and your difference, your magic is glaringly obvious.

Have you given up your magic or put a limit on it?

Is now the time to reclaim your magic, unhide it, and have it all?

Welcome to this discovery of witches…a discovery of you!

During this 4-part Telecall adventure we will ask questions, weave spells, and begin to craft the life you know is possible.

Which witch are you?

*Note 2 of the calls have occurred already. With your purchase you will receive the first 2 call recordings, and the next 2 live calls. Please listen to the recordings before joining the live calls. 

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