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The 3 things stopping you from manifesting what you want….and how to change them ASAP

Welcome to my free mini masterclass! I've created this mini master class because I want to help you stop making these key mistakes and start receiving the money, career, change and happiness you desire, without having to sacrifice hours a day. 

There's no *catch* - no sales pitch at the end, no course offering. You can access the webinar by clicking the button below - this is my gift to you!  

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This masterclass is for you if:

You’ve read all of the self-help books, but still can’t find the change you’ve been wanting in your career, finances and relationships...


You’ve got your list of daily affirmations, you’ve made your vision board and you’re practicing manifestation...but nothing is showing up...


You want MORE but you don’t have hours per day to spend on crazy routines and practices...


So...are you ready to stop spending 1hr every morning on manifesting, and start spending just 5 minutes per day to create the money, career change and happiness you’ve been asking for?

I'm ready!


Hi there! I'm Emily 👋

and I'm a reformed self-help junkie. I've read all of the books, tried affirmations, affirmations, meditated until the cows came home, and more.

This was because even though I had "everything", I knew I could be happier, and I wanted change. 

Like you, I just couldn't figure out the *how*. I didn’t know what this change would actually look like, or how I’d achieve it, so I kept trying the next new thing that would fix me and create the career transition, increased salary and feeling of happiness and ease that I’d been looking for.

Then, I discovered energy shopping, and was able to start creating change in as little as 5 minutes per day, while having a blast! 

Creating change shouldn’t have to be hard or miserable - you can have what you want, and enjoy everything along the way!

I can’t wait to show you how to achieve this for yourself, with total ease.

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I want the masterclass AND the free guide!