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'Get Your Mojo Back'

6 Weeks to reigniting the spark and creating your dream life

facilitated by Emily Evans Russell

Are you struggling with feeling like it’s too late to make a change in your life?

Are you scared to take a leap into a new chapter, but also know that staying where you are right now ISN’T an option?
Have you always had a feeling like you were destined for more, and settling for “good enough” just won’t cut it?
OR, maybe you don’t know where to start when it comes to making a change, and what that looks like.
Maybe you’re stuck on the “how”.
Maybe you’ve been asking the universe for things to show up, and they just haven’t been appearing. 

I’m Emily - facilitator, energy coach, expert actualizer, Mom and new dog-Mom!

My life changed completely when I went from being a frustrated stay at home Mom who wasn't satisfied with a life that was meant to be "good enough", and wanted MORE - more travel, more financial ease and more happiness!

Then, I discovered the magic of energy, and started playing with my energy shopping method. Suddenly, I had figured out how to ask for and receive what I was desiring in every aspect of my life! I was able to discover what it meant to create my own luck and magic, and now, my life has changed completely!

I Can Help You Because I've Been There

I know what it’s like to want more out of life, but not know where to start.

I understand what it’s like to feel as if you SHOULD be happy, but you’re not – you know that things could be even better, if you just figured out a way to make it happen.

I’ve tried everything – meditation, manifestation, yoga, every self help book under the sun – and I’d like to invite you to a fun and effortless way of receiving what you desire from the universe.

I know what it’s like to have asks that seem unreasonable. I was a Mom of two young kids who wanted a new career that allowed for travel, more money and greater joy in my life, while still allowing me to spend time with my amazing family.

And guess what?

I created it. (and now I’m asking for even greater)

About My Program

The Get Your Mojo Back 6 Week Program is an intensive group coaching program that combines in-depth training with live facilitation to help you learn the essential tools of energy shopping, asking and receiving, and creating the life you truly desire.

Why My Program is Different

The Get Your Mojo Back Program doesn't give you a cut and paste blueprint for your life. It gives you the tools to create your OWN blueprint, on your terms, and become the boss of your life in a way that lights you up.

The Reason This Works

Because a “one size fits all” approach isn’t going to work for someone as incredibly creative and unique as you.

And I know that you’re a creative being, because you’ve been drawn to this page!

Everyone has their own limiting beliefs and stories they have been buying about themselves, which need to be addressed in order to start creating more joy. My program is uniquely tailored to help you discover what your own personal limiting beliefs are, and start attracting desires that are unique for you - because what is true for someone else won't be true for you!

This Program is Perfect for...

Those who are looking to make a change in life and create MORE - whether it be love, financial ease, happiness, career change - and keep getting stuck in the "how". 

This program will move you beyond the how and empower you with the tools to get you started on your journey.

Program Breakdown

When you sign up for the Get Your Mojo Back Program, you will receive:

  • Access to the Kajabi training portal for life!
  • 6 unique modules covering the essentials or asking, receiving, fixing your money mindset, creating your own luck, creating more ease in business, and more!
  • 20+ modules creating specifically for this program - these have never been seen before!
  • Workbooks, spreadsheets and more, to help you put the tools in place
  • Weekly group coaching calls, so that you can receive guidance and facilitation from me in real time
  • Access to any future upgrades or additions to the program - as a thank you for being here, I will ensure that any new additions are added to your training portal as the program grows!

Call Times and Dates

Call 1 - Jan 27, 10AM Eastern

Call 2 - Feb 4, 1PM Eastern

Call 3 - Feb11, 12PM Eastern

Call 4 - Feb 17, 1PM Eastern

Call 5 - Feb 23, 1PM Eastern

Call 6 - March 4, 1PM Eastern

So What's Actually Included?

Let’s break down these modules…

Week 1

Getting clear on what you want + ending the “settle” mindset

In week one, we break down what it is you really desire in life (outside of what you’ve been told you should want), and acknowledge why you’ve been playing small up until this point. 

We’ll also work on losing the guilt and shame around wanting more (because you deserve everything, and THEN some!), and the tools that will allow you to create an entirely new mindset around money. 


Week 2

Learning how to ask (energy shopping 101)

This is a big one!

I’m going to share all my secrets with you for asking and actualizing your desires in life.

Think of it like “next level manifestation” (but it’s way more fun, and it works!).

I will be empowering you with the exact tools I used to create my life, as well as tips for getting over any roadblocks you may experience. 


Week 3

Receiving + Self Care 

There are countless how-to guides out there on asking for gifts from the universe, but few give you the tools you need to receive!

This module will break down the art of receiving, as well as the true essence of self-care: creating a life you don’t need to escape from. 


Week 4

Making Magic with Gratitude

This week will take you beyond what you think you know about gratitude. Forget the gratitude journal - this week will show you how gratitude is an essential tool for overcoming doubt and speeding up the receiving process.

Week 5


In this week, we’re going to take everything you’ve learnt and let it go.

That’s right: surrendering is the hardest but most essential aspect of energy shopping.

In order to have it all, you need to be willing to lose it all - but I’m going to show you how to get into a state of joyful surrender, which won’t feel like a loss at all. 


Week 6

Time to LEAP - setting you up to be the CEO of your life

Business and creation are some of my most requested topics for training, which is why I wanted to devote an entire module to creating your dream life. 

Whether you’re wanting to have a career change, looking to grow your business or just want a change (but aren’t sure what that could look like), the trainings this week will equip you tools covering:

  • Creating more time in your life
  • How to take the next step towards the life you desire
  • Getting out of the “how”
  • My personal tools for running multiple businesses


Is translation available?

Translation will be available for Spanish speakers. If you pay for this program and we are not able to provide you with translation, you will be refunded the full amount of the investment. 


Will this program show me how to grow my business?

While I will give you the tools to ask and receive the energies of the life you desire, this is not a business focused program. 

The final module (week 6) will explore business and creation in more depth, but this is a holistic program that is designed to address ALL areas of your life.

What happens after I purchase?

You will login with your created username and password and choose the program from your member library. The modules will be released weekly, starting on Monday January 25th. 


When does the program start?

The first group call is on Wednesday January 27th. 


Can I do this at my own pace?

You are encouraged to complete one module per week alongside the group, so that you can join the weekly coaching calls ready to leap to the next level. However, you will still have access to the live calls regardless of whether you finish the video trainings. 


Will I get 1:1 access to Emily?

You will have the chance to be facilitated by Emily in a group setting each week, via Zoom. The first 5 people to sign up for the program receive a 1:1 as a bonus, but this is strictly limited to the first 5 sign ups. 


How long do I have access to the program?

Forever! Once the 6 weeks have finished, you will have ongoing access to the video trainings and call replays. 


What's inside of the program?

Lifetime access to the curriculum.

Tried, tested and then tested again tools and techniques. This curriculum is packed with videos, editable strategic workbooks and spreadsheets.

Consistent free upgrades - GYMB will be updated every time I grow the program. 


Lowest price ever. Lock it in now!

The cost of this program is normally $1950, and will be increasing in the next round. 


How much time do I need to commit?

One hour per week to complete the video trainings, and an additional 90 minutes for the weekly group coaching call. 

These tools are easy to implement in your everyday life, and take as little as 5 minutes.


Do you take payment plans?

Yes! There is a two-part payment plan available when you click through to the cart. 

Are You in?