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Giving Up Image, Who Are You NOW?

Do you Have an Image you are trying to keep up? To Keep an Image in place takes alot of time and effort, Have you decided that you need an Image? How much of you do you have to hide in order to keep that Image going?

People most of the time do Image as they are afraid that they do not Fit in or that showing up as themselves may scare people off and not like them.
You cannot have real relationships when you are doing image, People who are together and are doing Image end up relating to each others Image and not as who each are truly, the relationships gets created based on lies and becomes a lie.

I wonder what would happen if you let you out? Ask yourself would it be more ease? Would it be more fun? What would it be like to show up as you? what invitation could that be in the world.

What's included:

  • Video class replay and translated audio call recordings 

  • Written clearings PDF

  • Audio Clearing Loop

Translation: English, Arabic, German, Russian