NO MORE FAIRY TALES: Reframing Relationships
A NEW telecall series with Emily Evans Russell and special appearances by Dr. Dain Heer!

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What happens when the fairytale romance you’ve been dreaming of doesn’t happen?

Are you a failure, or is it time for you to reframe relationships completely?

As someone who has had the picture perfect family unit, and then chosen to divorce and start over, I know what it’s like to wonder whether you’ll ever get this relationship thing “right”.

Whether you’re single, coupled up or somewhere in between, let’s reframe everything you ever thought was “normal” in relationships, and explore the tools to create something greater.

What if by ditching the fantasies you could open possibilities to creationships that are different and way greater than any story book you ever read growing up?

In this 3 part telecall with Dr. Dain Heer as a guest on Calls 2 and 3, what if you could empower yourself to explore what is actually true for you and the courage it requires to create it?  

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