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'Getting Those Spooky Skeletons Out of  the Closet'

facilitated by Emily Evans Russell

It’s Halloween, which means it is time to get spooky! In the spirit of all things scary, I thought we could dive into all of those skeletons in our closet, and what they really mean. 

I’m talking about all of those parts of ourselves that we’ve hidden away because we’re too scared for the world to see them. 

Getting those skeletons out of your closet means bringing awareness to all of the ways you’ve made yourself wrong, and being willing to put them on display for the world. 

What are you afraid would happen if all of those things that make you feel guilty, wrong or ashamed were no longer hidden away? 

What if I told you that having awareness of the ways you’ve made yourself wrong is the first step towards total ease, joy and glory?

This may seem like scary stuff, but it's the ultimate exercise in embracing vulnerability.

Are you ready?

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October 29th at 1:30PM EST

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