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Welcome to Telecalls with Emily Evans Russell

We are so happy to announce that we've opened up the monthly guest call for Emily's Club Neon membership for individual purchase!

Each month we will feature a call with Emily and a special guest covering various topics as well as any special telecalls Emily may have on offer.

Upcoming Calls

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INVITE THE WORLD: Being a Social Media Extrapolator
with special guest Megan Hill

May 17, 1:30PM EST

Cost $150

Using Energy to Change Everything!
with special guest Anthony Mattis

May 25, 9:30AM EST

Cost $75



INVITE THE WORLD: Being a Social Media Extrapolator with special guest Megan Hill

What invitation are you and can you uniquely be that you haven’t acknowledged?

You can create all sorts of stuff - a beautiful website, awesome events, a fantastic restaurant…but if no one knows about it, where does that leave you?

How do you invite the world to the brilliance and uniqueness of what you have to offer?

Scrolling through social media can eat your time, or…what if you could use it to your advantage?

Join us for a quickie one-off call inviting you to expand what’s possible for you and your business!


Using Energy to Change Everything! with guest Dr. Anthony Mattis

If you have anything you’d like to change in your life (and I mean anything - from relationships, to your body, to business), what if all you have to do is change the energy of the situation? 

Sounds too simple? 

Energy is the most practical and easy way to create change, yet so many of us have decided we don’t get it or don’t know ‘how’ to use it. Join Anthony Mattis and I for a dive into your first language, energy, and how to start using it and playing with it to create a life you love and can’t wait to jump out of bed for!

YES, I'm IN!