Welcome to

'Image, Trust, & Vulnerability'

facilitated by Emily Evans Russell and Katarina Wallentin 

Are you your image?

Or are you something so different, so beautifully elusive, that you can’t hold on to it long enough to describe it?

On this 2-part telecall, we will be using trust and vulnerability to explore what is beyond the images we so habitually identify with.

And not the trust that we can keep our images in place, no matter what. And not the vulnerability that softens the edges of the image, while solidifying the core.

We’ve all been there, done that! :-)

What if there is a trust and vulnerability that you can be with you, that starts to unravel all your images?

Who are you really? Or unreally?

Are you ready to find out?

Join Emily and Kat for this 2-part telecall series online replay

Cost $175
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Image, Trust, and Vulnerability 100% Country Pricing

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Image, Trust, and Vulnerability 80% Country Pricing

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Image, Trust, and Vulnerability 65% Country Pricing

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