Have you ever considered that your difference is a gift to the world?

And to all of us?

Would you be willing to unhide the beauty of you, the difference of you, and discover how much more is possible in your life and creations because of it?

These 4 ladies consider themselves lucky and grateful to be constantly discovering and unhiding more and more of the neon sheep they truly are while being a part of Dr. Dain Heer's creative gaggle.

You're invited to join Emily Russell, Katarina Wallentin, Megan Hill & Sarah Grandinetti for a special Neon Sheep evening event - online or live in Istanbul, Turkey!

Are you ready to grace the world with your difference? (or subject the world to it?) Either way - let’s jump the fence together!


This class will occur on October 24th Live or Online at 7PM Istanbul.

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Cost €65

*If you are attending the ESB with Dr. Dain Heer this class is a GIFT for you. You can JOIN THE ESB here.
**If you are a member of Emily's Club Neon this class is a GIFT for you. You can JOIN CLUB NEON here