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The 21 Day Gratitude Challenge

Many of us have gratitude completely backwards - we’re doing it, instead of being it!

We’re all pros when it comes to practicing gratitude, but being the energy of gratitude is a whole other story.

Enter: my 21 Day gratitude challenge!

I would like to embark on a journey of transformation and exploration, where we harness the power of gratitude and see what else is possible!


Let's Play!


Join me for an adventure over the next 21 days and see what magic can show up when we begin to tap into what it means to be gratitude.


If you’re wondering why we’re spending 21 whole days on this topic, it’s because gratitude is so darn potent! 


Some of the topics we’ll be exploring include:

  • How gratitude is a creator of magnitude
  • Why gratitude speeds up the process of change
  • What is missing from your current gratitude practice, and how to incorporate it in a way that is fun and easy!
  • The difference between doing and being gratitude
  • Why gratitude is a judgment killer
  • Navigating doubt, uncertainty and frustration using the power of gratitude
  • The Diary of Magic (my favorite tool for actualizing your ask!)
  • Being a contribution to the world
  • Acknowledging your differences (and why this is essential for creation)



The Challenge starts TODAY! 

Click below to start your 21 day journey.


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