Hi, I am Emily

Energy & Mindset Coach, MAT, CF

I would love to invite you to what you know is possible, but have not yet found a way to get there.

What if it all it took was going beyond normal, embracing your unique differences, and actually enjoying the ride?

What if you CAN create a life you love?
And what if it could be easy?

I have a healthy obsession ;) with transformation and teaching women to master their mindset and harness their intuition so they can manifest a fulfilled, joyful AF life and never have to settle for ‘fine’ again. 

Because women who thrive, get sh*t done and do it with grace, joy, and ease.


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The Essential Energy
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Learn why methods like manifestation haven’t been working for you, and how to start asking and receiving the life you’ve been desiring!



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If you are looking for more Exuberance and Enthusiasm in your life you are in the right space! 



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"I love having conversations with this lady! She brings out the greatness of you and that brings out the greatness of others …
The lightness of you being you, it’s one of the things Emily brings to the space when she facilitates."

Dr. Dain Heer

"... the ease I have in asking the universe for things, and receiving them has been magical. The stuff that is showing up in my life keeps  me in constant state of gratitude. I'm so grateful for it all, and for Emily being the invitation to a different possibility. Thank you."


"...I am so grateful that I found Emily, she is an enormous gift and blessing from the universe. Sessions with Emily are truly dreamy. She delivers potent transformation in a way that is incredibly nourishing and…fun!"


"Being in your creations, calls, classes, has been one of the most amazing and magical gifts I have received yet. I am so, so grateful. In every class or call I take with you I keep expanding more and more. My magic, possibilities and space actualize even more and in a completely different way than I imagined."


Let's Connect!


The tools and perspectives you’ll find in this community are anything but traditional, yet they are wildly effective.

Join me in one or both of my spaces below to get support, connect with others who are interested in up-leveling their reality, and receive practical tools to uniquely design your life using a mix of subconscious mind hacks, perspective shifts and simple energetic upgrades.

I’m so happy you’re here - thank you for exploring!


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