Hi, I am Emily

Unconventional Creative & Transformation Coach

I have a healthy obsession ;) with transformation and teaching others how to master their mindset & harness their energy so that they can manifest a fulfilled, joyful AF life and never have to settle for ‘fine’ again.

I’m a single mom of two girls and one adorable dog, and I oversee my own 6 figure business while also working as a consultant for personal development companies.

I have a Masters Degree in teaching and have done all sorts of it - we’re talking from yoga to high school biology to workshops on consciousness. I’m a science nerd and experimenter at heart - I’ll try anything and if it’s effective and works then I’m in! 

I’m here to share with you unconventional, yet wildly effective, tools for creating a greater personal & professional life you love. So have a look around, explore, and enjoy!

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“I’ve hired so many coaches over the last decade, for personal and professional development, what is so different about working with Emily is that I genuinely look forward to each session.

With other coaches, I've dreaded the sessions, because I always sensed that I was doing something "wrong," or that I hadn't done the homework from the last session.

With Emily, I can show up exactly as me - in my messy humanness, late, with my unwashed face, and wearing no bra - and there is no judgment. We dive right in and we FLY!”

~ Amanda P

"Working with Emily is amazing...so transformative!

She is so clear and gets to the point efficiently. Just the other day Emily sent me a 5 minute voice note and in minutes I made a new, radical choice that shifted how I choose to show up in my life!

Emily vibrates clarity and practicality, so receiving awareness is easy. Choosing the path forward becomes undeniable and effortless...the stuck feeling and hesitation is gone!

Her energy is natural, down to earth and so relatable... like you're talking with your best friend. It's amazing what you can shift when you feel seen and heard!"

~ Tabitha D

"Having access to Emily through voice notes on the 3 month One-to-One coaching has been a GAMECHANGER.

Her knowledge and embodiment of the power of the subconscious mind has shifted the way I show in my life, and I feel completely supported in every step outside of my comfort zone and towards the life of my dreams!!"

~ Allison Z

Emily’s enthusiasm, delightful, and kind yet powerful presence made every session we had remarkable in its own way. I loved the playfulness of her approach, which follows the energy of the moment and can be very dynamic.

Compared to some other coaching sessions, I loved that it really did feel as if I am talking to my best girlfriend: there was a safe, intimate, restful, relaxing space between us, free of judgment, where I could see myself in a new light, and which really invited me to show myself more and just be me.”

~ Sara S.

Let's Connect!


The tools and perspectives you’ll find in this community are anything but traditional, yet they are wildly effective.

Join me in one or both of my spaces below to get support, connect with others who are interested in up-leveling their reality, and receive practical tools to uniquely design your life using a mix of subconscious mind hacks, perspective shifts and simple energetic upgrades.

I’m so happy you’re here - thank you for exploring!


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