Offering Access Bars® and The Foundation as well as telecalls on various topics. Click below to see my full schedule of offerings.

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Do you require personal facilitation? I am available to book a one-on-one private session to explore more deeply the possibilities available to you.

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One thing I love is seeing more people on this planet showing up as the gifts they truly BE! Check out my blog for inspiration and contribution. 

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Join Emily and Francesca Fiorentini in this video call all about creating your life and taking action.

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SOP Sessions

Join me in the creation and play of a private Symphony of Possibilities session. Available online.

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15 Video Course

Join Emily for a replay of her 15 days of Facebook lives. Special guests include Dain Heer and Brendon Watt.

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2-Part Telecall

Join Emily for this fun and expansive 2-part telecall. Includes written clearings and clearing loop. 

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Join the Neon Sheep Lounge!

A Facebook group where you, Emily, and all of the other members get to create, connect, contribute to each other!


  • Facebook Lives with Emily - how often? We don't know - so keep an eye on the announcements in the group 
  • Other inspirations (quotes, videos, questions, clearings) shared to celebrate and uncover even more of the difference and wonderfulness of YOU
  • Play with other neon sheep!
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Club Neon - No More Normal $33/month

An Energetic Rocket - Monthly Call on Zoom

Neon Starter Pack of free downloads:

  • Free Replay - Energy Shopping to Create Your Life
  • Free Replay - Create, Connect, Move, Take Action
  • Clearing Loop from Emily on being a neon sheep
  • One Person a Month is Randomly Chosen to Receive a free 30-minute private facilitation session with Emily (value of $175)
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Would you like your life to be easier, more fun and full of joy?

Would you like to find ALL OF YOU again?

Emily is committed to more people on this planet showing up as the gifts they truly are! 

Emily, Certified Access Consciousness® Facilitator, invites this change for others using EASY, PRACTICAL tools.

What if you could have it ALL without the struggle?

Emily believes that only YOU know what will work for you. She empowers you to create the life you desire while unleashing the VIBRANT, POTENT, YOU!

"Emily is a gentle, tender facilitator that brings her own unique sense of lightness to the experience. I truly can’t say enough about her work. She is very special and has a tremendous gift."

Chrissy V.

"Thank you Emily. Thank you for healing my mind, body and spirit today. A week ago, I had never heard of having “your bars run”, but I was searching for healing and help and the universe led me to you. I have just returned home from our first session together. I feel like I could climb a mountain and if I did, I would shout from the top for all the world that there is hope, there is healing and I found it with you! I came to you feeling worn out, in pain and almost hopeless. I had a tiny mustard seed of hope that somehow, someway, you could help me. I never imagined leaving whole, filled with light, energized and excited about life! Your gentle touch and healing hands have soothed wounds that I could not put into words. I am filled with gratitude for our time together and incredibly grateful for feeling worthy after a long time of feeling worthless. I would and will recommend you for a spiritual, physical and mindful transformation! I can’t fully explain, or understand, exactly what happened in our session, but I know it is beautiful and that I remember, now, who I was and who I want to be."


"The Access Bars class with Emily was so much fun and so powerful! I’m kind of stunned still at the amount of clearing that occurred during the day, and the amount of consciousness that has been awakened. I have been sleeping deeply and feel like a little baby resting. I also drove home after class without having any of my usual night vision problems, which is HUGE! This class is essential for anyone looking to shift out of stuckness and into the awareness of Self that you long for... we truly are creative Beings alive in a world of infinite possibilities! Thank you Emily!"

Katie A.

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