with Emily Evans Russell

What can Private Facilitation offer you?

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One-to-One Sessions

(Verbal Sessions via Zoom)


I’ve trained in multiple techniques and bring everything to the table in my private sessions to facilitate you to see more clearly and have more freedom in any area of your life - from creation to business, to relationships, to your body, and more.

I’ve studied extensively how the unconscious mind processes information so that I can cause natural, automatic, and lasting improvements through subconscious re-coding, nervous system regulation, energy work, and other specialized tools.

Through shifting perspectives about how the mind works, I provide you with a new foundation by which you can begin to change and improve emotions, thoughts, sensations, impulses, habits, and behavior so that you can better navigate your way in the world.

The Parlor Room Sessions

3-Month Experiential,
Intimate One-to-One Facilitation


Click HERE for all the juicy details about why I’m beyond thrilled to offer this, the investment, and what you can receive from our time together (plus all the bonuses)!


"I loved the level of support I felt in the 3 month intimate One-to-One Sessions - it felt like Emily was there to
help me through absolutely anything that came up.

I was able to grow into my life instead of fearing the worst and walking around worried it wasn’t going to work out.

Emily is very knowledgeable about the subconscious mind and she truly embodies this as wisdom- . she helped me make the tweaks to my subconscious mind that changed everything and even after our time together I still feel the positive effects of the sessions.

I also liked that she was a life coach who helped me with my business, which is exactly what I needed at the time.

Allison Z

Thank you so much Emily for the amazing Symphony of Possibilities session! Every time I listen to the recording, tears stream down from my eyes. You showed me the energy of what it’s like to be truly being me.
And this question popped in my head: “what would it take for me to receive the contributions from me?”

I’ll keep asking the universe to show me what’s like to be truly me.

Reiku M