with Emily Evans Russell

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Business & Marketing
Mastery & Mentor Sessions

Verbal Sessions via Zoom


Emily's dynamic business & marketing mastery sessions blend practical marketing tools with energetic insights to supercharge your strategy.

Gain hands-on guidance on pragmatic techniques while tapping into the energetic pulse of your brand. Elevate your marketing prowess with a unique fusion of strategy and spirit, tailored to ignite success in today's dynamic market landscape.

Business & Marketing Mentor Session
1 x 90 Minutes $295


Business & Marketing Mastery Package
  • 1 x 90 minute session
  • 2 x 1 hour sessions
  • WhatsApp text support in between sessions
Package $595



Rapid Resolution Therapy ®

Verbal Sessions via Zoom

Emily has also trained in Rapid Resolution Therapy® (RRT) which offers a way of thinking, a shift in perspective, and a different point of view.

RRT changes how the unconscious mind processes information so that improvements are natural, automatic and lasting. The RRT perspective offers participants a useful way to see more clearly, and an opportunity to apply this way of thinking to their own situation.

Rapid Resolution Therapy, utilizes innovative concepts, multi-level communication and specialized tools to resolve emotional disturbance and behavior that just isn’t working.

This shift in perspective about how the mind works, provides participants with a new foundation by which they can begin to change and improve emotions, thoughts, sensations, impulses, habits, and behavior so that they can better navigate their way in the world.

60 Minutes $175


Find out more about RRT and it’s creator, Dr. Jon Connelly, at

Access Consciousness Facilitation

Verbal Sessions via Zoom

Using the potency of Access Consciousness tools and the clearing statement, Emily can contribute to shifting any area of your life you would like to change.

When you change the energy of a situation, it’s as if change can show up by magic!

30 Minutes $350
60 Minutes $700
3 x 30 minutes $995


Other Packages available, please enquire: [email protected]

Access Bars ®

Access Bars is a gentle energetic treatment using light touch on the head that anyone can use. It is practiced in more than 100 countries, with over 600,000 people worldwide who have taken the Access Bars one-day class.

When lightly touched, the Bars points stimulate a positive neurological response inside the brain and release the electromagnetic components of stress, thoughts, and emotions.  This appears to trigger the body’s natural ability to heal and facilitate the physiological changes required for greater well-being.

Recipients have reported that a session of Access Bars can help with:

  • Greater mental clarity and reduced stress
  • Enhanced motivation and easier communication
  • Significant increase in feelings of joy, happiness, gratitude, kindness, and peace
  • Positive effects on migraines and insomnia
    Increase in calmness, creativity, and contentment
  • Enhanced mental health: reduced symptoms of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, ADD, ADHD, and OCD
  • Greater intuitive awareness

In Person Sessions & Classes
Sessions - 60 minutes - $250
One Day Class - $440

Learn more about Access Bars at or write to [email protected] to schedule a class or session. 

Symphony Of Possibilities

These unique energetic sessions are a way to have dynamic change without having to mentally figure anything out! Symphony of Possibilities sessions blast away limitations with ease and open up new spaces of possibility, joy, and the enjoyment of being totally and wonderfully you.

Can be done in person or online via Zoom..


"Holy moly!!!!!! Thank youuuuuuuuuuu! Beyond words!!!!!!!!!!!

You are such a power and kindness. I can’t stop talking about this session! I am so grateful for you and how brilliant you are and the combination of power and kindness you be and humour and soooo much fun and so much beyond that, that is so so so so different and unique!!!!! Thank you for being here now and for being you!

You opened up something for me I can’t put words to, ...
And I know this was a life and world changing session that is still going on… Beyond thank you incredible lady!!" 

Susanna M

Thank you so much Emily for the amazing Symphony of Possibilities session! Every time I listen to the recording, tears stream down from my eyes. You showed me the energy of what it’s like to be truly being me.
And this question popped in my head: “what would it take for me to receive the contributions from me?”

I’ll keep asking the universe to show me what’s like to be truly me.

Reiku M