The Neon Sheep Lounge

If you don’t choose your difference,
the world will never have access to it.

That would suck!

Let’s PLAY with the question - how different are you willing to be?

Welcome to the Neon Sheep Lounge and a space filled with unique, dayglo-colored creatures. You are invited to graze on possibilities, and celebrate and acknowledge the difference of YOU!

Are you willing to be the neon sheep? And not just try to fit in to the normal that never really worked anyway…? :-)

What if your difference is a gift to all of us?

Are you ready to grace the world with it? (or subject the world to it?) Either way - let’s jump the fence!



Join the Neon Sheep Lounge

The Neon Sheep Ranch


A Facebook group where you, Emily, and all of the other members get to create, connect, contribute to each other!


  • Facebook Lives with Emily - how often? We don't know - so keep an eye on the announcements in the group 
  • Other inspirations (quotes, videos, questions, clearings) shared to celebrate and uncover even more of the difference and wonderfulness of YOU
  • Play with other neon sheep!
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Club Neon Part Deux


What you'll get:

  • 2x EPIC zoom calls per month on new topics 
  • Clearing Loops and PDFs with homeplay for each call
  • A new guest each month - past guests include Dr. Dain Heer, Diva Diaz and Simone Milasas
  • Monthly draw for a FREE 30 minute 1:1 session with ME!
  • Access to a private WhatsApp group with other Club Neon members - our group of neon sheep is incredible!
  • Exclusive members-only discount for many of my telecalls and classes
  • Access to an online portal for all of your replays and audio bonuses

PLUS, I will also be giving you my Essentials Gift Pack, with my three most popular classes, to help you get the ball rolling!

The Essentials Gift Pack includes:

  • Energy Shopping to Create Your Life Class - Online Class from Mexico Replay
  • Neon Sheep Clearing Loop - How Different Are You Willing to Be?
  • Energy Ball Clearing Loop
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Being the Neon Sheep -
10 Questions & Tools to Get Your Difference On

Simply ask these questions in the downloadable PDF when you get inspired! Use questions to gain awareness, not answers. This is not about figuring out an answer. Just by asking questions, you change the energy of a situation which is actually what is keeping things stuck.

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10 Tools for Being a Neon Sheep!

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