I am beyond thrilled to offer this new space of intimate, experiential one-on-one transformation.

We ALL have a unique kind of power and magic, and when we show up together, we can contribute to each other and create even greater.

 I have always asked, especially over the last 20 years, for more women to come into my life who inspire me, empower me and I do the same for them.

From this ask, I realized that I have the unique possibility to offer this to women all over the world that I have the honor to work with.

  • Dissatisfied with your life, your bank account, or your relationships
  • Disconnected from pleasure or seem to have lost your sense of joy and play
  • Not feeling seen, adored or admired the way you desire to be 
  • Hiding your gifts from the world, while knowing there is something greater for you and your life available 
  • Not happy with your job or what you are creating
  • Underwhelmed with life or uncomfortable in your own skin
  • Desiring to bring your light to the world and let it shine, but haven’t known how
  • Stuck as F*ck: Like you are just getting by and uninspired by life
  • Bored, depressed, anxious, or just confused….
  • The infinite being you truly are (not the finite one we often pretend to be)
  • The gift of you as a woman, who is open and ready to receive all that you are asking for 
  • A woman who has many desires, but doesn’t need anything or anyone
  • Someone who can ask and receive the life of your dreams just for the hell of it and because it’s fun
  • Your power - that comes with a softness and potency, and no need to compete with anyone
  • Your inner radiance and glow
  • A women who owns her beauty, her desires, and her brilliance
  • An infinite being who is supported always, by the universe, and by all of the people and energies that are here to contribute to you
  • The miraculous creature that you are, who doesn’t have to push or struggle to receive your birthright of total abundance and miracles 

Private sessions, coaching and facilitation have changed my life completely.

The one-one experience has allowed me to catapult my own life to spaces of fulfillment and joy that I had not imagined possible. One of my desires is to offer this to you. To empower you to become the creator of your own reality (not be subject to it) in a space where the five elements of intimacy between us, and with yourself, can thrive.

What would it be like to truly trust yourself?
To have allowance for you and honor yourself in everything you choose?
What would it be like to be vulnerable with yourself and have total gratitude for YOU?
It starts there and then expands to everyone and everything you interact with.

In working together...

we’ll be using all of the tools and resources I’ve collected, especially in the last 15 years, with my studies in consciousness, body awareness, yoga, biology, energetics, and my experience in facilitating thousands of people from multiple countries, cultures, and backgrounds.

Let’s get the gift of you out to the world and first and foremost, for you to perceive, know, be and receive the beauty of you FOR you. 

What would it be like to truly know yourself, and adore every part and piece of you?

  • To amplify your true desires and show you possibilities more beautiful than you can imagine right now
  • To be an intuitive, attentive, caring guide for you
  • To offer a space of no judgment - wherever you are on your journey, you will not be judged, and contribution is always available
  • To bring you joy, encouragement, empowerment, peace, pleasure and play along the way
  • To facilitate you to navigate roadblocks, avoid pitfalls all the while taking the most beautiful scenic route to creating a life you love
  • To reverse the flow - where you access your own power to influence the collective/narrative about what IS possible instead of taking on the narrative or collective unconsciousness of others and what can’t be possible
  • To offer paradigm shifting mindset and consciousness training that works faster and with more ease than anything I’ve found

What does our time together look like?

During the 3 months, we will have 8 one-on-one, 45 minute sessions together.
You can choose to schedule these in whatever way would work for you. These sessions will be on Zoom and will be a combination of verbal facilitation, energetic work, and any other practices that will contribute to your growth.

In between our sessions, you will have access to text and voice memo facilitation and check-ins on how things are going. I am here to listen to you, be a space of no-judgment, and to contribute whatever I can.


  • Emily’s Reading Resources
  • Emily’s Black Book of Everything Woman - a pleasure list for your body
  • Emily’s Essential Class Library 
  • 50% off coupon for anything in my shop
  • 45% off up to 2 additional 45 minute sessions during your 3 months in the parlor

Your Investment

The Parlor is taking new applicants and the program will begin November 15th.
After filling out the application, you will be on the waitlist for one of the three spots and we will be in touch with you soon.

  • Investment Option 1 - First payment of $1397 is due at sign up, then there will be 2 more equal monthly payments spaced one month apart.
  • Investment Option 2 - One payment of $3997 at sign up.


"I love having conversations with this lady! She brings out the greatness of you and that brings out the greatness of others …
The lightness of you being you, it’s one of the things Emily brings to the space when she facilitates."

Dr. Dain Heer

"...I am so grateful that I found Emily, she is an enormous gift and blessing from the universe. Sessions with Emily are truly dreamy. She delivers potent transformation in a way that is incredibly nourishing and…fun!"



Just 3 Spots Open
Apply by November 7th and the 3 month immersion begins with your first session!

I desire to partner with Emily and gain full access to Emily's coaching, bonuses, guidance and expertise as a private client of The Parlor Room. I understand that Emily will use this application to select the ideal clients who are committed to making dynamic changes in their lives and exploring possibilities and tools to assist them, and that Emily will let me know by November 15th at the latest if I have been selected.

I'm ready for change!