3 Things Your Vagina Would Tell You If You Were Listening

Vaginas are amazing - they are beautiful, they birth babies, and they are a source of pleasure, intensity, and receiving.  

Vaginas bring in the next generation to this gorgeous planet of ours.

Basically, vaginas deserve all sorts of gratitude, love, and praise.

Yet, the vagina is one of the most judged body parts that exists.

Men and women alike have all sorts of opinions and points of view about what is wrong with vaginas.

What if there is nothing wrong with you or your vagina?

Your vagina (and your whole body) has all sorts of information it would like to give you. It’s talking to you all the time. Maybe not with words, but with the way your vagina responds to you and the people and the environment around you.

The key to a healthy relationship with your vagina, both physically and mentally, is to start listening to what it has to say.

No matter what your relationship is to your body right now, it can change.

Let's get out of judgment of our vaginas and start creating the relationship with them, and our bodies, that is truly possible!


3 Things Your Vagina Would Tell You If You Were Listening

‘I am beautiful’

Your vagina is gorgeous. All vaginas are gorgeous. No matter what you’ve been told - your vagina’s shape, size, taste, and smell are perfect for you. And it changes over time and throughout your life and that is okay. In many cultures, we don’t usually see many other women’s vaginas up close and personal. If anything, we see one-version in a magazine or movie of what’s deemed to be normal. And if we don’t match that, we often make ourselves wrong. Guess what? Nothing is wrong with you or your body. You are unique and one of a kind, and that is beautiful.

‘I’m a self-cleaning oven’

Your vagina is a self-cleaning oven. It takes care of and cleans itself. It has a unique balance of microorganisms that keep it healthy. When that balance is off, that’s when changes in smell and taste can occur. It’s easy to get stuck in an endless cycle of pills, medications and over-the-counter products that actually don’t do anything to restore health, or the natural flora of your vagina.

If you’ve found yourself in that cycle, there are other options available. It begins with asking your body what would work for it. Ask, ‘What would it take to change this body?’ And trust and follow your knowing. You and your body know what will work for it. We’ve often just stopped listening.

‘I’m listening to you’

Your vagina receives all sorts of information from you and the world around you. It’s listening. It’s one powerful source of receiving. It receives pleasure as much as you allow. Or refuses it as much as you ask it to.

No matter what your level of sensation, pleasure and comfort with your vagina is currently, it can change. If it’s awesome, it can get even greater. If you don’t even wanna know what’s going on down there, you can start to actually know, love and be grateful for your vagina. Really! Anything can change and there is always another choice available.

Start with asking your vagina a question. Ask and you shall receive. A great question to start with: ‘What would it take to receive more than I ever thought possible with total ease?’

Our vaginas deserve gratitude, not judgment. If you could get out of judgment of the most ‘unmentionable’, body part there is, I wonder what else may be possible?

Could you enjoy your body more? Could your life be more fun? Could sex be different? Could you enjoy being here, being alive and being in your body more?

It couldn’t hurt to find out… ;-)

Be well beautiful! And know that your whole body, ALL OF IT, is absolutely amazing and a total gift!

Emily Evans Russell has has always been interested in the body’s structure, function, and abilities since she earned her undergraduate degree in Biology and a Masters in Teaching. She has assisted at several births as a doula (birth assistant) and integrates over 15 years experience studying, teaching, and working with people and their bodies to create more ease and possibilities in their lives. She is an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator (CF), Certified Yoga Teacher, and mama of 2 little girls.

PS - You’re invited to a different possibility with your vagina! If you’d like learn more about asking questions and listening to your vagina, you can join Emily, & Julia Sotas, both Access Consciousness Facilitators, for a 3-part video telecall ‘Conversations with Vagina - Part 2’ on June 6,7 & 8th. With special guests on the call - Dr. Dain Heer & Dr. Anthony Mattis. Click here for all the details, your time in the world, and to sign up! (If you can’t be on the call live, you’ll be sent the recording)

Relearning What You Already Know


I was absolutely, positively certain that I had no idea what it was. I couldn’t feel it, I couldn’t see it, and I didn’t know what in the world perceiving energy even meant!

When I started offering Access Bars sessions, I didn’t feel anything in my hands for at least 6 months. My whole life and my clients lives changed in the meantime, so I kept running bars, but again, I was certain that I didn’t have any capacity for energy.

I had spent my entire life always going to people who were amazing body and energy workers, yet thought that they had some gift that was elusive, hard to define, and something completely unavailable to me.

Fast forward one year to my first Energetic Synthesis of Being (ESB) class with Dr. Dain Heer. It was a requirement to become a Certified Facilitator for Access Consciousness. I had no idea what the class was, what we ‘did’ in class, or how you had a class where there was no manual. (Note - if you are any sort of a head tripper like me, this was something that did just not compute)

Yet despite all that, my whole body was buzzing for weeks before class. As class began, and people asked their questions, and Dain called up people on the table to work on them - I cracked open a whole new world of what energy can contribute to our entire lives.

I saw the inexplicable, and magical flow, to people asking questions (that were exactly what was going on in my world) and to how that then contributed to the person on the table. And to see the change that the person on the table with Dain was willing to receive and choose - and how that then radiates out and shifts everyone’s universe in the whole class.

I had never seen anything like it. I didn’t understand it (thank goodness!!), I just received it.

The best way to describe it for me was the energetic download of everything I knew must be possible with energy but thought I couldn’t have.

After class, it sure didn’t show up how I thought it would. A few weeks later, I was running someone’s Bars during a different Access Consciousness class, and asked if I could try something different. As I moved my hands over her body, my head finally got out of the way, and I just knew what to do. I still didn’t see energy, I just knew. Her body moved all over the table and a huge shift occurred in her world and mine. Layers of limitation unraveled and the opening to something new was undeniable.

My whole world is different now. I have finally acknowledged the energetic being that I am, and with that acknowledgment, the capacities of using energy in my everyday life have unlocked. And oh my goodness - is it awesome and FUN!

The ESB class in some ways is one of the most practical and pragmatic classes. We are all energetic beings. We come into this world speaking the language of energy and being the energy of possibility and miracles. Over time, many of us unlearn our greatest capacity.

Is it time to know again what you’ve always known?

Learn more about the ESB class by going to www.drdainheer.com/esb 

What are the infinite possibilities?!?!

Not Enough Time or Money to Create What You'd Like?

Have you ever noticed that the two excuses no one can argue with are - ‘I don’t have time’ or ‘I don’t have the money’?

If you’ve used either of those before, you know what I’m talking about. They work. No time and no money are brilliant justifications for not doing and creating what you’d like to in your life. And they also seem like very real barriers that we can’t get past.

When I first looked at choosing a Foundation and Level 1 (the core classes after Access Bars that are now just called Foundation), I thought - how the heck am I ever going to create the money or time for that? I'm not working, I'm a stay-at-home mom, and most of our family’s money is pretty much accounted for where it needs to go! I have 2 little kids, I don’t have a babysitter who could watch them for 4 whole days, and I’m in the middle of my training to become a yoga teacher which also is on the weekends.

Despite that being a very logical reason why I couldn’t possibly take the class, I kept asking questions and using the basic tools of Access. I also chose the class. I was having it no matter what it took and no matter what it looked like.

I found someone I could trade Access Bars sessions with weekly. I read the book, Money Isn’t the Problem, You Are, and wrote down a couple of pages of questions and clearings and asked them every morning as I drank my tea and let my kids watch a TV show.

I kept using the tools and staying in the question. A couple of weeks before the class, I got a call from someone in another state who said that my husband and I had a $1500 check waiting for us from when we sold our condo 4 years back.

That's the way the universe can have your back when you truly choose a class or choose anything! Money doesn't have to come from a paycheck or from a job. There are zillions of revenue streams if you're open to receiving them!

And for the issue of time? Time isn’t even real. You can easily create around it. I found a friend who could watch my kids on a couple of the days and my husband took the weekend. On the day I had to leave early for my yoga training, the whole class agreed to end early and we just went a little longer the next day.

The four days flew by. I had a manual full of tools to change any area of my life, and I used it. I read a couple pages or more everyday. I constantly played in whatever way was fun with this enormous new toolbox of questions and tools. My whole life changed tracks and took a completely different direction for the greater.

So what if you choose past and choose around what seemed like limitations? Most of us would probably ask for more time and more money if we could have it. What if you could create it?

The power and potency of your choice, coupled with the practical, effective tools and resources of Access can create what seem like miracles. What if YOU are the miracle? What would you like to create as your life?

If you haven’t taken Foundation yet, or if you’d like to take it again (because it is completely different every time), consider this your invitation to The Foundation Class in April, facilitated by both Gary Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer.

Seeing you in Vancouver would be wonderful, but if you’d rather take it online or with a group of people (a POD), they are all choices available to you! How does it get any better than that?

And if you’re looking for resources and tools to kickstart your choice, these are some of my favorites!



Are You The Last Person You Take Care Of?

So I've been adding more and more to my life and business lately, which is awesome....AND I've been slowly creeping back into my old habit of running around, taking care of everything and everyone else and not giving myself or my body time to rest and just BE.

Fit in one more call, one more appointment, one more class, one more errand...

Do you ever get in the habit of doing, doing, doing? And not just BEING?

Our culture makes it look like you can only get things done by doing. The more you have going on and the better you can do it - the more successful and accomplished you are.

But what about just relaxing into you, into the space of your being? What if we actually are our most productive and creative from being and not doing?

You may be asking - what does that even mean??

Have you ever had a time when you were doing something you really love to do - whether it is a walk outside, a bath, coffee with a friend or playing with your kids - and you weren't trying to prove anything? You weren't covering up any part or piece of you, you weren't editing what you said or thinking about what other people were thinking. You were just being YOU.

Ahhhh - didn't that feel awesome?
 And have you noticed, those are also the times when we also are the most creative - get those a-ha moments or just feel really vibrantly ALIVE?

I'll have more of that please!!!

So after a few months of not taking care of myself, not doing yoga, not moving my body, not really being very present in a lot of what I was doing...I've made a new commitment to myself and my body. And by doing that - guess what? It's a whole lot kinder not just to me, but to everyone and everything around me. 

I've put my relationship with my husband and my body on my 'to-create' list. I'm scheduling 4 hours a week of time to spend with just my husband - actively creating our relationship. I'm giving at last 30 minutes a day to honor my body with whatever it would like that day - a walk, a nap, a bath, a yummy snack - whatever!

What could you do that would honor you, your life, your body? What would be fun? What amount of time would work for you? Where could you choose to begin? And how could you allow that to grow and change?

What would make you feel like more of YOU? And what if by being more of you, you invite others to do the same? What if more weird, wild and wonderful people like you, showed up in the world as all of them?

Sounds like fun to me! Count me in :-)

Hope to see you soon - in person or online!

Change Your Money Situation - Totally

Has there ever been something you really wanted to do or create and you didn't have the money to actually choose it?

Or maybe it's something you'd love to have, but thought to yourself - I just don't have the money right now?

Maybe it's more travel, or a remodel of your house, a different car, eating out more, time off from work....

Whatever it is for you, what if you never had to go to a place of lack again? 

What if you could shift your mindset from poverty consciousness to prosperity consciousness?

What if the purpose of money was to change people's realities?

What else could you change in the world if you started to create your life and money flows even bigger and greater?

I know for me, one of the bigger investments in my life has been education - whether it's been college or yoga training or my training with Access Consciousness.

When I first looked at choosing a Foundation and Level 1 (the core classes after Access Bars), I thought - how the heck am I ever going to create the money for that? I'm not working, I'm a stay-at-home mom, and most of our money is pretty much accounted for where it needs to go!

Then I started to use the Access tools for creating more money. And a couple of weeks before the class, I got a call from someone in Illinois that my husband and I had a $1500 check waiting for us from when we sold our condo in Chicago 4 years back.

That's the way the universe can have your back when you truly choose a class or choose anything! Money doesn't have to come from a paycheck or from a job. There are zillions of revenue streams if you're open to receiving them!

Dr. Dain Heer just released an online money course on udemy.com (an online learning platform). I've watched the videos, done the homeplay, and seriously - this is an awesome set of practical tools to change your money situation!

You can check out the course (and get a discount) when you click HERE.

But whatever you do, don't choose it, you just may start creating the money to fuel your life and to change the world!!!

PS - Here are some of my other FAVORITE FREEBIE TOOLS - Online Video with Blossom Benedict on Creating Money with Ease, and a blog by Dr. Dain with 7 Tips to Change the Way You Function With Money

Access Bars and Brain Health

There are two things that will change anything in your life … the Access Bars and choice.

Sound too good to be true?

I totally get it!

Over the past 2 years of working with many clients and in my own life I've heard the same thing … that the Bars just seemed too good to be true. And, yet, if you give them (and you) a chance, everything can change.

“…everything can change.”

At a recent conference called the Secret Knock, Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer gave a presentation about Access Consciousness. After their presentation, they met neuroscientist Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin who’s been analyzing brains & cognition for 15 years.

He decided to do an impromptu analysis of what occurs in the brain for someone after a single bars session. What he found was so phenomenal that it blew him away! Here’s a video of the result presentation:

(Here is the direct link: https://youtu.be/DgGbFRjqQPk)

A quote from Dr. Dain Heer - "Access Bars are the core of everything in Access Consciousness because they’re the beginning of undoing the lie of limitation that you have held in place for millions of years. With one bars session, you release hundreds of thousands of limiting thoughts, feelings and emotions. Even if all you did with Access Consciousness was have your bars run, you would eventually become conscious."

“Access Bars are the core of everything in Access Consciousness because they’re the beginning of undoing the lie of limitation…”

If you’re interested in living beyond limitation, Access Bars may be the greatest gift you can give yourself and the world.

Getting out of Judgment of Every Area of My Life

Photo Credit: Ashlee Wells Jackson,  4th Trimester Bodies Project

Photo Credit: Ashlee Wells Jackson, 4th Trimester Bodies Project

One of the places that I’ve judged myself the most is as a mother.

I like to call myself a recovering perfectionist, as all I could think about once I had a child was getting everything ‘right’. I used to get hysterical when my first born had to drink tap water or eat food that wasn’t organic. I thought I was doing her body permanent damage! When my second child was born via cesarean instead of a the ‘perfect’ home-birth that I had planned, I launched myself into several months of depression that even my go-to tools of yoga and mediation could not bring me out from under.  I couldn’t even get nursing right. After breastfeeding both of my children well past 1 year, my body was consistently 10-15 pounds below my pre-baby weight. I know – not the typical complaint of a new mother, and still, it caused me to feel undesirable, boyish, and like sex was the furthest thing from my mind!

When I came across Katherine McIntosh’s no-judgment diet in her I’ll Have What She’s Having Program and the tools of Access Consciousness

…it was the first time that I even became aware of the judgment that I was functioning from.

Not just of myself, but of wanting to ‘fix’ everyone else or share what would be the thing that would make everything good and better and perfect for them. I was in a constant state of judging myself for not being good enough and judging everyone else for not choosing what I thought must be ‘right’. NOT FUN AT ALL!!!

When I began Katherine’s program, I thought I’d end some of the judgment towards my body (couldn’t be that much could there be?). I had no idea how it would change every area of my life.

 I started to look at myself in the mirror with such gentleness and gratitude that it brought me to tears.

Here I had been judging my body, abusing it by going against its knowing, and my body was here, STILL LOVING ME. How brilliant are our bodies?

And by the end of the no judgment diet, the craziest thing happened….I got out of judgment of every area of my life.

I got out of judgment of my money flows and what business and ‘work’ supposedly mean. Which all led to me increasing my income 10 fold within the span of a few months. I got out of judgment of my husband and kids and family – which led to so much more ease and joy at home and offers for babysitting and contribution in all other areas. I got out of judgment of sex and relationship and my body has literally been in tears of gratitude for how much more pleasurable and enjoyable sex and orgasm are now – and what else is possible beyond this?? 

I now ask my body questions daily about what would contribute to it.  I’ve used the no-judgment diet as a way to launch myself full throttle into other Access Consciousness classes and receiving them on a whole new level. I’ve chosen bodywork from Dr. Dain Heer and other brilliant Access facilitators that have shifted my whole reality. I’ve stepped up and chosen a whole lot more of me, and the change that that has created has been nothing short of magic.  I honor what a massive contribution getting out of judgment has been and continues to be, and I am so grateful for all of these tools and experiences that have showed me the door to a completely different possibility.

I wonder what change you can create by choosing no-judgment for you?

Emily is a Certified Access Consciousness® Bars & Body Process Facilitator. She is also a Certified Yoga Teacher and recovering perfectionist. She has her Masters Degree in Teaching and a BA in Biological Sciences. You can read more about Emily here

How to Have a Better Quality of Life

Have you been feeling the ups and downs of this time of year? Busyness for sure, maybe even overwhelm? Stress about seeing family or getting everything done on time?

Sometimes things are moving so quickly, I forget to just enjoy the moment, play, and have fun. Isn't that what life is about, and especially this time of year, anyway?

I have been facilitating a lot of Access Consciousness Bars classes and Access Body process workshops lately, and I am consistently humbled and amazed at the changes and openings it creates for people and all of those around them.

I look back over the last 2 years, and my life has grown so much, the ease, the joy, the possibilities. And from my interesting point of view, Access Bars has played a HUGE role in all of the awesome changes that have been showing up.

Are you still wondering what the heck getting your Bars run can do for you? Why in the world touching some points on your head would do anything, let alone change your whole life?

Trust me - I know it sounds crazy. But, are you like me - do you know something more is possible? Are you looking for a way to create the life you KNOW is possible? Is now the time to really start doing the things you've always wanted to do? (Rather than just thinking about them, or coming up with reasons why it's too hard or why now is not a good time....(I have been there and still go there at times ;)).

If you are up for trying something new, and are looking to gift yourself a little bit, so you can GIVE BACK to everyone else this time of year - how about choosing an Access Bars Session for you? 

Emily is a Certified Access Consciousness® Bars & Body Process Facilitator. She is also a Certified Yoga Teacher and recovering perfectionist. She has her Masters Degree in Teaching and a BA in Biological Sciences. You can read more about Emily here.

There are Access Bars and Certified Facilitators all over the world - how does it get any better than that? You can even go to the Access website and cruise around to look at people near you. Choose who feels light for you - who jumps off the page - who's name stick out. That is the person for you! If you are near me and it feels light to work with me - yay!!!! You can schedule an appointment or chat with me here.

Sometimes taking just 1 hour for yourself can create such peace and calm and space that it makes all the other things on your to-do list get accomplished more quickly and with more joy - because YOU FEEL BETTER!

Choose what feels light for you. If you are always following what feels light, what creates space, what relaxes your body - you start living a life of joy. And, those little things we call good luck, or synchronicities, start happening a lot more often and creating a lot more ease. Happy Holidays!

I'm offering special prices on my private sessions through 1/4/2015 and you can find my upcoming Access Bars Classes - Intros and full day workshops by clicking here.