About Me

Create The Awesome Life You Desire!

Emily Evans Russell is an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator, Body Enthusiast, Social Media Maven, Speaker, Mama of 2 little girls, and Lover of Having Fun.  

She integrates over 15 years experience studying, teaching, and working with people and their bodies to create more ease and possibilities in their lives.

Emily has always been interested in the body’s structure, function, and abilities since she earned her undergraduate degree in Biology, Summa Cum Laude, from DePauw University.

She later went on to earn her Master’s Degree in Teaching from National Louis University in Chicago, and followed that with working several years in the Chicago Public School System teaching Biology.

During those years, she coached the Cross Country team and founded both a Women’s Health Club and Yoga Club to serve the students of the school.

In addition to teaching high school, Emily has been a wellness and nutrition consultant, volunteer birth doula, and health speaker and educator.  

She has practiced yoga for 12 years and is a Certified Yoga Teacher through Tejas Yoga’s 200 hour teacher training program with an emphasis in Women’s Health and Ayurveda.  

She is also a certified Access Consciousness® Facilitator (CF), Being You Certified Facilitator (BYCF), Joy of Business Certified Facilitator (JCF), teaches Access Bars and gives individual sessions in this extraordinary modality.  She has done advanced training with Access Consciousness by taking Foundation, Choice of Possibilities, Energetic Synthesis of Being, Symphony of Possibilities, and 7-Day classes. Emily also facilitates the Access Consciousness Foundation class along with many other workshops on business, parenting, creativity and being you.

Always up for learning something new, Emily went from not owning a smart phone to creating social media, marketing, and communications for the global companies, Access Consciousness® and Joy of Business™. Emily works on the Access teams for Dr. Dain Heer, Gary Douglas, Simone Milasas and Access Consciousness. What if we could use social media, not as a distraction or a source of judgment, but to create more possibilities and more consciousness? 

Emily is grateful to work with women, men, mothers, fathers, grandparents, children, and babies to restore a sense of ease, peace, and calm to their daily lives.  She has found that by combining her knowledge in different areas, she is able to facilitate others and herself in finding greater possibilities in life.

Have you ever tried to get anything right? Your life, your family, your relationships, your business? So has Emily - and so she calls herself a recovering Perfectionist! She now practices being gentle with herself and living in allowance. Allowance is existing peacefully in a space of non-judgment, without feeling the need to change or force things around us into what we deem as 'right'.  

By coming out of the world of 'right' and 'wrong' regarding ourselves, others, and events going on around us, we are able to gain access to the calm, clarity, and joy that is available to us all.

Emily has always been inspired to learn new things.  This desire has taken her on travels around the globe and to live and work in Australia, England, and Japan.

Emily was a 2007 Fund For Teachers Grant Winner which allowed her to spend a summer in Kenya researching dolphins and primates for conservation efforts. Emily also taught in the local school and volunteered in the orphanage while living on Wasini Island. 

She brings a unique perspective and sense of adventure to all of her endeavors.  

Emily is grateful for the opportunity to create more possibilities and share her knowledge both locally and globally! 

Emily leads classes, workshops, private sessions, and retreats to empower people with practical tools to change their lives.  You can work with Emily 1-on-1 in person or via phone or Skype.

Some of these tools can be (but are not limited to)  Access Consciousness Bars®, Access Consciousness Body Processes, Access Consciousness Verbal Processing, self-care routines, yoga, breathwork (pranayama), and Ayurvedic techniques.

Emily is committed to more people on this planet showing up as the gifts they truly BE!

Emily enjoys life in all of its forms.  She loves pilates, running, hiking on trails in Chattanooga, playing outside, reading, watching movies, traveling, soaking up energy and constantly learning from her 2 tireless daughters, 10 and 7.  

Creating from a place of gratitude, she continue to ask the question - what else is possible?