Relearning What You Already Know

Apr 07, 2020


I was absolutely, positively certain that I had no idea what it was. I couldn’t feel it, I couldn’t see it, and I didn’t know what in the world perceiving energy even meant!

When I started offering Access Bars sessions, I didn’t feel anything in my hands for at least 6 months. My whole life and my clients lives changed in the meantime, so I kept running bars, but again, I was certain that I didn’t have any capacity for energy.

I had spent my entire life always going to people who were amazing body and energy workers, yet thought that they had some gift that was elusive, hard to define, and something completely unavailable to me.

Fast forward one year to my first Energetic Synthesis of Being (ESB) class with Dr. Dain Heer. It was a requirement to become a Certified Facilitator for Access Consciousness. I had no idea what the class was, what we ‘did’ in class, or how you had a class where there was no manual. (Note - if you are any sort of a head tripper like me, this was something that did just not compute)

Yet despite all that, my whole body was buzzing for weeks before class. As class began, and people asked their questions, and Dain called up people on the table to work on them - I cracked open a whole new world of what energy can contribute to our entire lives.

I saw the inexplicable, and magical flow, to people asking questions (that were exactly what was going on in my world) and to how that then contributed to the person on the table. And to see the change that the person on the table with Dain was willing to receive and choose - and how that then radiates out and shifts everyone’s universe in the whole class.

I had never seen anything like it. I didn’t understand it (thank goodness!!), I just received it.

The best way to describe it for me was the energetic download of everything I knew must be possible with energy but thought I couldn’t have.

After class, it sure didn’t show up how I thought it would. A few weeks later, I was running someone’s Bars during a different Access Consciousness class, and asked if I could try something different. As I moved my hands over her body, my head finally got out of the way, and I just knew what to do. I still didn’t see energy, I just knew. Her body moved all over the table and a huge shift occurred in her world and mine. Layers of limitation unraveled and the opening to something new was undeniable.

My whole world is different now. I have finally acknowledged the energetic being that I am, and with that acknowledgment, the capacities of using energy in my everyday life have unlocked. And oh my goodness - is it awesome and FUN!

The ESB class in some ways is one of the most practical and pragmatic classes. We are all energetic beings. We come into this world speaking the language of energy and being the energy of possibility and miracles. Over time, many of us unlearn our greatest capacity.

Is it time to know again what you’ve always known?

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What are the infinite possibilities?!?!